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Read to Achieve: Gateway to Academic Reading

By David Rothman, Jilani Warsi

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 13, 2013


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David Rothman and Jilani Warsi’s goals with Read to Achieve are to spur developmental readers to become active readers and engage them in academic reading by fostering intellectual inquiry through an exploration of contemporary themes related to popular academic disciplines.


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Package consists of:

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Table of Contents


From the Authors

A Guide to Genres


Chapter 1 Sociology

Introduction to the Discipline of Sociology

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Sociology

College Study Skills: Building Vocabulary with Index Cards

Readiness for College Success: The Successful College Student

Vocabulary Building: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

Reading Selection 1: You Just Don’t Understand: Men and Women in Conversation, Deborah Tannen

Reading Selection 2 : To Teens, Tweens and the People Who Love Them: It’s Time to get “Social Smarts,” Joellyn “Joey” Sargent

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Sociology

Reading Selection 3:Is this the One? Choosing the Right Mate, Janice Allen

Reading Skill Focus: Vocabulary in Action

Strategy 1: Using Context Clues

Strategy 2: Using Your Knowledge of Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

Landmark in the Field of Sociology: Chat Rooms

Reading Selection 4: Ten Keys to Successful Parenting

Reading Selection 5: Trouble with Raising Teenage Son, Larry Meeks

Panel Discussion on the Role of Video Games and Violent Behavior

Textbook Application: Sociology in the United States, Alex Thio

Internet Fact Search: Sociology

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 2 Biology

Introduction to the Discipline of Biology

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Biology

College Study Skills: Highlighting Key Terms and Concepts in a Text

Readiness for College Success: Meeting with an Advisor

Reading Selection An Ode to Dolly Re: Global Warming, Valerie Coskrey

Reading Selection 2: What’s the best Way to Burn Belly Fat? Kathleen Blanchard

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Biology

Reading Skill Focus: Recognizing Topic and Main Idea

Landmark in the Field of Biology: Organ Transplant

Reading Selection 3: Organ Donation: Don’t Let These Myths Confuse You, Mayo Clinic Staff

Reading Selection 4: Monkeys Live Longer on Low-Cal Dies; Would Humans?Brennan Lingsley

Writing Connection: Freewriting in a Reflection Journal

Reading Selection 5: A Field of Corn, Michael Pollan

Textbook Application: Human Biology, Science, and Society, Michael D. Johnson

Internet Fact Search: Biology

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 3 Personal Finance

Introduction to the Discipline of Personal Finance

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Personal Finance

College Study Skills: Making Annotations

Readiness for College: Communicating With Your Professor

Reading Selection 1: The Importance of Creating a Savings Account, Jeremy Vohwinkle

Reading Selection 2: Credit Card Smarts: Take Charge of Your Cards

An Interview with a Student in the field of Personal Finance

Reading Skill Focus: Supporting Details

Landmark in the Field of Personal Finance: Online Banking

Reading Selection 3: Tenant Protections Facing Foreclosure

Reading Selection 4: How to Repay Your Student Loans, CBS News

Panel Discussion on the Plight of Homeowners Who Are at Risk of Losing Their Homes

Reading Selection 5: What is a College Degree Worth? Maggie Gallagher

Textbook Application: How You Benefit from an Understanding of Personal Finance, Jeff Madura

Internet Fact Search: Personal Finance

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 4 Economics

Introduction to the Discipline of Economics

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Economics

College Study Skills: Note-Taking

Readiness for College: Collaborative Learning

Reading Selection 1: Flu Shot Supply Surpasses Demand, Joel Roberts

Reading Selection 2: How Mobile Phone Companies Profit from Handset Loss, The Guardian

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Economics

Reading Skill Focus: Making Inferences

Landmark in the Field of Economics: The Social Security Act

Reading Selection 3: Capitalism Bites the Carpenters in Vegas, Charles Trentelman

Reading Selection 4: People Respond to Economic Incentives, Glenn Hubbard and Anthony Patrick O’Brien

Panel Discussion on China Becoming the World’s Second Largest Economy

Writing Connections: Paraphrasing

Reading Selection 5: Food Prices Rising, but No Shortage in U.S., Allison Linn

Textbook Application: Economics Defined, Robin Blade and Michael Parkin

Internet Fact Search: Economics

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 5 Literature

Introduction to the Discipline of Economics

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Literature

College Study Skills: Summarizing

Readiness for College: Avoiding Plagiarism

Reading Selections 1: Samuel, Grace Paley

Reading Selection 2: Immigrants, Pat Mora and Mother to Son, Langston Hughes

An Interview with a Student in the field of Literature

Reading Skill Focus: Determining and Author’s Tone and Purpose

Landmark in Landmark in the Field of Literature: Audio Books

Reading Selection 3: excerpt from Lucy, Jamaica Kinkaid

Reading Selection 4: excerpt from The Piano Lesson

Internet Fact Search: Literature

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 6 Mathematics

Introduction to the Discipline of Mathematics

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Mathematics

College Study Skills: Effective Ways of Reading and Solving Math World Problems

Readiness for College: Time Management Skills

Reading Selection 1: Why Math Always Counts: It Can Open Our Minds to Logic and Beauty, Arthur Michelson

Reading Selection 2: excerpt from Coincidences, Robert Blitzer

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Mathematics

Reading Skill Focus: Logical Relationships

Landmark in the Field of Mathematics: Scientific Calendar

Reading Selection 3: “Marriage Equations,” from Geek Logic, Garth Sundem

Reading Selection 4: A Key to Critical Thinking: Understanding All of the Options, Jeffrey Bennett and William Briggs

Panel Discussion: What Should We Cut?

Reading Selection 5: How to Calculate Your Real Hourly Wage,

Writing Connection: Organizing Excel Charts from a Set of Statistical Information

Reading Selection 6: Graphic Analysis,

Textbook Application: Misconceptions about Math, Jeffrey Bennett and Briggs

Internet Fact Search: Mathematics

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 7 Architecture

Introduction to the Discipline of Architecture

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Architecture

College Study Skills: Answering multiple-Choice Questions

Readiness for College Success: Building Computer Literacy

Reading Selection 1: Frank Lloyd Wright: Prairie Style

Reading Selection 2: Scandinavian Architecture: From the Country to the City, Indra Fortney

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Architecture

Reading Selection 3: Japan Quake Aftermath: How to Earthquake-Proof Your House, William Browning

Reading Skill Focus: Facts and Opinions

Landmark in the Field of Architecture: The Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco

Reading Selection 4: Urban vs. Suburban, Jeremiah Russell

Panel Discussion on Building a Shopping Mall in the Small Town of Tranquility

Writing Connections: Building Your Dream Home

Reading Selection 5: OU Design Students Hope to Play a role in Revitalizing North Tulsa, Kevin Canfield

Textbook Application: Approaches to Design History, Buie Harwood, Bridget May, and Curt Sherman

Internet Fact Search

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 8 Occupational Therapy

Introduction to the Discipline of Occupational Therapy

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Occupational Therapy

College Skills: Reading for Meaning

Readiness for College Success: Think Critically

Reading Selection 1: Portraits in Post-Humanity, Aimee Mullins

Reading Selection 2: What Does Autism Mean?

An Interview with a Student in the Field of Occupational Therapy

Reading Selection 3: Carpal Tunnel---One Patient’s Story

Reading Skill Focus: Patterns of Organization

Landmark in the Field of Occupational Therapy: Individuals with Disability Education Act (1973-1974)

Reading Selection 4: Shields Valley Ranch Helps Rehabilitate Soldiers, AP

Panel Discussion: Teaching Students with Special Needs

Writing Connections: Keeping a Weekly Reading guide

Reading Selection 5: Democratic Party Ignores Handicapped Woman’s Plea for Access to Downtown South Bend Headquarters, Jason Aubrey

Textbook Application: Understanding the Domain and Process of Occupational Therapy, Janet V.

DeLany and Margaret J. Pendzick

Internet Fact Search: Occupational Therapy

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 9 U. S. History

Introduction to U. S History

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of U. S. History

College Study Skills: Active reading: Asking Pertinent Questions of Text

Readiness for College: Understanding Your Class Assignments

Reading Selection 1: Rethinking Columbus and His Day, Sharon Short

Reading Selection 2: The Journey of Tom and Sally Peters, Jones, Wood, Borstelmann, Tyler May, and Ruiz

An Interview with Student in the field of History

Reading Selection 3: John C. Calhoun’s 1848 Speech Warning Against Incorporating Mexico into the United States, John C. Calhoun

Reading Skill Focus: Author’s Bias

Landmark in the Field of US History: The Digitization of Books

Reading Selection 4: Luxury Domestic Products Become “Necessities”: Late Nineteenth Century Technologies

Reading Selection 5: The Women’s Century: Short Biographies of Influential Women of the 20th Century

Panel Discussion on the Future: What Will Life Be Like in the Year 2100?

Writing Connection: Imagining the Future --- A Short Essay

Reading Selection 6: Zelda Anderson, one of the First Black Women to Enter the U.S. Army Auxiliary Corps. (1942), Shares Her Story

Textbook Application: Interviews with historians Peter H. Wood and Elaine Tyler May

Internet Fact Search: U. S. History

Formal Presentation Projects


Chapter 10 Travel and Tourism

Introduction to the Discipline of Travel and Tourism

Reading into a Photo

Follow Your Interests

Key Terms in the Field of Travel and Tourism

College Study Skills: Sharpening your Memory

Readiness for College Success: Choosing your Classes for Next Semester

Reading Selections 1: Dispatch, Alaska: Tour Leaders’ Enthusiasm Shines Through, Johanna Jainchill

Reading Selection 2: How Ecotourism is Destroying America, Andy Stone

An Interview with a Student in the field of Travel and Tourism

Reading Selection 3: Tourism Marketing Strategies, Laura Acevedo

Reading Skill Focus: Combined Skills

Landmark in the Field of Travel and Tourism: Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Reading Selection 4: Mexico Launches Tourism Plan for Mayan Sites,

Reading Selection 5: Focus on Attractions and Entertainment, John Walker and Josielyn Walker

Panel Discussion on Tourism Planning to Attract Tourists to the Forgotten Town of Solitude

Writing Connections: Budget Allocation

Textbook Application: Definition of Tourism, John Walker and Josielyn Walker

Internet Fact Search: Travel and tourism

Formal Presentation Projects


Appendix I The Academic Word List

Appendix II Discipline Guide

Appendix III Guide to Genre

Additional Course Materials

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