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Reading and Learning to Read, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Jo Anne L. Vacca, Richard T. Vacca, Mary K. Gove, Linda C. Burkey, Lisa A. Lenhart, Christine A. McKeon

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 25, 2011

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The new edition of this popular active learning tool continues its comprehensive coverage of philosophies, teaching strategies, and assessment practices that underscore the concepts of evidence-based reading research, the essential components of reading instruction, and data-driven decision making.


In this highly popular text, pre-service and in-service teachers are expertly prepared for today’s ever-changing literacy classroom. The book’s comprehensive approach to teaching reading and writing continues its emphasis on research-based practices, integrating technology, accommodating the needs of diverse and struggling learners, recognizing legislative influences, and standards for reading professionals, while updating readers with new strategies that reflect best-practice reading methodologies.


Taking its dedication to struggling learners one step further, the book include features that show teachers how to better understand and use Response to Intervention (RTI), what is the role of reading coaches, and how they can assist teachers as they master teaching skills that will help all children succeed.

Table of Contents





Chapter 1 Knowledge and Beliefs About Reading


Chapter 2 Approaches to Reading Instruction


Chapter 3 Meeting the Literacy Needs of Diverse Learners


Chapter 4 Early Literacy: From Birth to School


Chapter 5 Literacy Instruction for Beginning Readers and Writers


Chapter 6 Assessing Reading Performance


Chapter 7 Word Identification


Chapter 8 Reading Fluency


Chapter 9 Vocabulary Knowledge and Concept Development


Chapter 10 Reading Comprehension


Chapter 11 Reading—Writing Connections


Chapter 12 Bringing Children and Literature Together


Chapter 13 Instructional Materials


Chapter 14 Making the Transition to Content Area Texts


Appendix A Beliefs About Reading Interview


Appendix B Trade Books That Repeat Phonic Elements


Appendix C Annotated Bibliography of Read-Aloud Books for Developing Phonemic Awareness


Appendix D Recommended Books for Multicultural Reading Experiences


Appendix E International Reading Association Standards for Reading Professionals






Name Index


Subject Index

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