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Reading Difficulties: Their Diagnosis and Correction, 7th Edition

By Guy L. Bond, Miles A. Tinker, Barbara B. Wasson, John B. Wasson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 17, 1993

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Adjusting Instruction to Individual Differences

3. Description of Disabled Readings

4. Causes of Reading Disability: Physical Factors

5. Causes of Reading Disability: Cognitive and Language Factors

6. Causes of Reading Disability: Emotional, Environmental, and Educational

7. Basic Considerations in Diagnosing Reading Difficulties

8. Use of Specific Assessment Procedures

9. Planning Appropriate Remediation

10. Correcting Insufficient Attention to Meaning in Word Recognition

11. Correcting Ineffective Perceptual and Decoding Skills in Word Recognition

12. Treating Students With Extreme Reading Disability

13. Adapting Instruction for Children With Handicaps

14. Correcting Basic Comprehension Deficiencies

15. Overcoming Specific Comprehension Limitations

16. Correcting Reading Rates and Oral Reading Difficulties

17. Encouraging Continued Growth in Reading


Reading Difficulties: Their Diagnosis and Correction, 7th Edition

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