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Reading in Action

By Eugene Wintner

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 15, 2011


Reading in Action utilizes an active reading approach through progressive exercise sets and a focus on metacognition in order to help students improve their reading skills and develop a stronger reader identity.


Gene Wintner recognizes that students’ success in college reading courses is largely related to their engagement with the course materials, and answers the call by providing meaningful topics, high-interest reading selections, and a variety of activities to foster student engagement.  Wintner carries this student engagement concept further by encouraging students to be aware of his/her own reading processes and establish a positive reader identity.  This identify is forged through regular attention to metacognition and reflection of the student’s growing identity as a reader.

Table of Contents

Introduction:  You, the Reader

Chapter 1: Using Pre-reading Strategies

Chapter 2:  Context and Dictionary

Chapter 3: Understanding Word Structure

Chapter 4: Paragraph Logic:  Topic and Main Idea

Chapter 5: Paragraph Logic: Main Ideas and Supporting Details

Chapter 6: Monitoring and Clarifying Comprehension

Chapter 7: Connecting Ideas: Sentence Relationships and Transition Words

Chapter 8: Logical Patterns

Chapter 9: Inference

Chapter 10: Critical Reading

Additional Readings


A. Pronouncing Unfamiliar Words

B. Understanding Word Structure:  Roots

C. Reading Graphs and Charts

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