Readings in Ritual Studies

By Ronald L. Grimes

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 30, 1995

Table of Contents

 1. Arrange Me Into Disorder: Fragments and Reflections on Ritual Clowning—Babcock, Barbara A.

 2. Constructing Ritual—Bell, Catherine.

 3. Women's Business Is Hard Work: Central Australian Aboriginal Women's Love Rituals—Bell, Diane.

 4. Political Witch-Hunt Rituals—Bergesen, Albert.

 5. The Function and Transformation of Ritual Killing—Burkert, Walter.

 6. Women's Stories, Women's Symbols: A Critique of Victor Turner's Theory of Liminality—Bynum, Caroline Walker.

 7. Xunzi and Durkheim as Theorists of Ritual Practice—Campany, Robert F.

 8. Etching Patriarchal Rule: Ritual Dye, Erotic Potency, and Moroccan Monarchy—Combs-Schilling, M. Elaine.

 9. Rite of Return: Circumcision in Morocco—Crapanzano, Vincent.

10. The Neurobiology of Myth and Ritual—d'Aquili, Eugene G., and Charles D. Laughlin Jr.

11. Ritual in the Hospital: Giving Birth the American Way—Davis-Floyd, Robbie E.

12. Dirt: Purity and Danger—Douglas, Mary.

13. Transformation: The Magic of Ritual—Driver, Tom F.

14. Ritual, Magic, and the Sacred—Durkheim, Emile.

15. Ritual and Myth—Eliade, Mircea.

16. The Development of Ritualization—Erikson, Erik H.

17. Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices Freud, Sigmund.

18. Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight Geertz, Clifford.

19. Disenchantment: A Religious Abduction—Gill, Sam D.

20. Violence and the Sacred: Sacrifice—Girard, Rene.

21. Ritual: Ceremony and Super-Sunday—Goethals, Gregor T.

22. Interaction Ritual: Deference and Demeanor—Goffman, Erving.

23. Ritual Criticism and Infelicitous Performances—Grimes, Ronald L.

24. Holiday Celebrations in Israeli Kindergartens—Handelman, Don, and Lea Shamgar-Handelman.

25. “Ritual” in Recent Literary Criticism: The Elusive Sense of Community—Hardin, Richard F.

26. On Ritual Knowledge—Jennings, Theodore W., Jr.

27. Ritual, Politics, and Power—Kertzer, David I.

28. Women and Ritual in Family Therapy—Laird, Joan.

29. The Effectiveness of Symbols—Levi-Strauss, Claude.

30. Olympic Games and the Theory of Spectacle in Modern Societies—MacAloon, John J.

31. A Death in Due Time: Construction of Self and Culture in Ritual Drama—Myerhoff, Barbara G.

32. Ritual Structure in a Chicano Dance—Pena, Manuel H.

33. The Obvious Aspects of Ritual—Rappaport, Roy A.

34. Restoration of Behavior—Schechner, Richard.

35. Buddhism and Abortion in Contemporary Japan: Mizuko Kuyo and the Confrontation with Death—Smith, Bardwell.

36. The Bare Facts of Ritual—Smith, Jonathan Z. (Zittell).

37. The Meaninglessness of Ritual—Staal, Fritz.

38. A Performative Approach to Ritual—Tambiah, Stanley J.

39. Liminality and Communitas—Turner, Victor W.

40. Symbols in Ndembu Ritual—Turner, Victor W.

41. Territorial Passage and the Classification of Rites—van Gennep, Arnold.

42. Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day—Wallendorf, Melanie, and Eric J. Arnould.

43. Legal Ritual—Winn, Peter A.

Appendix: Classification of the Selections.


Readings in Ritual Studies

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