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Rebound: A Proven Plan for Starting Over After Job Loss, Safari

By Martha I. Finney

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jan 21, 2009

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So, you've been laid off. Or you see it coming. You're not alone. And it's not your fault: you're just one of millions of smart, high-quality people who are being shown the door. But none of that makes it feel any better! What can you do? What should you do? How do you cope with the havoc that losing your job can cause? This sympathetic, practical book brings together all the answers you need to empower yourself, and come back stronger than ever. Author Martha Finney is one of the nation's leading workplace experts: her research has been featured on CNN, NPR's Morning Edition, and in major newspapers across the country. Drawing on powerful insights and personal stories from an enormous network of experts, she brings together all the knowledge and resources you'll need to regain mastery over your life. Finney answers questions like: How can I keep getting laid off from wrecking my life? How can I protect my professional reputation and career path? How do I get past the anger? Why haven't I heard from my coworkers? How do I keep all my options open? How do I tell my family, without damaging their faith in their own futures? What are my rights? Can I sue? Should I? How do I keep this from happening again? From start to finish, this book will help you identify your best next steps: the steps that'll help you get past the trauma and move forward, emotionally, financially, in your career, and in every part of your life.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments   xiii

About the Author  xv

Preface  xvii

Part I The Inner Game of Getting Laid Off  3

1 What to Expect When You’re No Longer Expected  4

2 New Career Realities and New Career Rules  10

3 You’re Still in Control  16

Part II Preparing for a Layoff  21

4 Are You on the Layoff List?  22

    Voice of Experience: Rob  23

5 Financial: What to Do Before You Get Laid Off  28

6 Set the Tone for How You Leave  32

7 Plan Your Exit  38

    Voice of Experience: Caroline  42

Part III Know Your Rights 47

8 What You Can Expect from a Severance Package   48

9 Stop! Just Say No  50

10 Ask for Special Treatment   56

11 A Word About Noncompete Agreements  60

12 Not That It Matters to You, but It Hurts for Them, Too  64

Part IV When You’ve Been Laid Off  69

13 Financial: Control Your Spending  70

14 What Do I Do with All This Rage?   76

    Voice of Experience: Anna  82

15 The Kids Can Handle the Truth   86

16 Good Things to Remember  92

    Voice of Experience: Charles  93

    Voice of Experience: Simon  96

Part V Landing Your Next Job  101

17 The Importance of Having a Plan   102

18 Learn to Love Networking  108

19 Using Social Networking for Your Job Search   114

20 Build Your “A” Player Status Even Though You Are Not Employed  120

21 Talking About Your Job Loss in Interviews   126

22 How to Evaluate the Job You’ve Been Offered  132

23 Should You Take a Job with a Company That’s Laying People Off?  138

24 Go! Just Say Yes   142

    Voice of Experience: Deborah  145

25 Start Your New Job with Confidence  148

    Voice of Experience: Sarah  152

26 Never Be in This Situation Again  156

Part VI Appendixes  161

A Step Away from the Fridge! Reach for This Instead  162

B Greg and Martha’s List of Automatic No’s  170

    Resources and Suggested Reading   174

Index   180


Rebound: A Proven Plan for Starting Over After Job Loss, Safari

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