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Red, White and Black, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By Gary B. Nash

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 28, 2009

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Written by highly acclaimed historian Gary B. Nash, this text presents an interpretive account of the interactions between Native Americans, African Americans, and Euroamericans during the colonial and revolutionary eras. It reveals the crucial interconnections between North America's many peoples? illustrating the ease of their interactions in the first two centuries of European and African presence?to develop a fuller, deeper understanding of the nation's underpinnings.

Table of Contents

1. Before Columbus

Cultural Evolution

Regional Cultures

The Iroquois

Precontact Population

The Native American Worldview


2. Europeans Reach North America

Spanish and Portuguese Expansion into the Americas

England Enters the Colonial Race

Early Spanish Incursions in North America

The French Penetration of North America

English Images of the Native Americans


3. Cultures Meet on the Chesapeake

The Failed Colony at Roanoke

The Reestablishment of Virginia

Reorganization and Tobacco

English-Indian Relations

The War of 1622 and Its Aftermath


4. Cultures Meet in the Northeast

The Dutch in the Northeast  


The Elusive Utopia  

Puritans and Indians  

The Question of Land  

The Pequot War


5. The Coastal Societies: Resistance, Accommodation, and Defeat

Metacom’s War  

Bacon’s Rebellion  

The Colonization of South Carolina  

Carolina-Indian Relations  

The Tuscarora and Yamasee Wars  

Quaker-Indian Relations in Penn’s “Holy Experiment”


6. Europe, Africa, and the Americas

The Atlantic Slave Trade  

Capture and Transport of Slaves  

The Development of Slavery in the North American   Colonies  

Slavery in North and South America


7. The African Ordeal Under Slavery

Coping with Enslavement

Regional Variations of North American Slavery

Slave Resistance and Rebellion

Black Culture in Colonial America


8. The Transformation of Euro-American Society

Eighteenth-Century European Immigrants

Land, Growth, and Changing Values

The Cities

Changing Social Structure

The Great Awakening


9. Wars for Empire and Indian Strategies for Survival

Iroquois Diplomacy

Creek Diplomacy

Cherokee Diplomacy

Transformations in Indian Society

Cultural Persistence


10. The Seven Years’ War and Its Aftermath

Population Increase

The Seven Years’ War

Indian Strategies in the Seven Years’ War

Indian-White Relations After 1763

The Colonizers’ Society After 1763


11. The Tricolored American Revolution

The Abolitionist Impulse

Struggling for Liberty

Exodus of Pro-British Slaves

The War Comes to an End

Leaders of the Free Blacks

The Red Revolution


12. The Mixing of Peoples

Indian-European Contact

White-Black Intermixture

African-Indian Contact

Cultural Interaction of Red, White, and Black




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