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Reinventing the Supply Chain Life Cycle, Student Workbook

By Marc J. Schniederjans, Stephen B. LeGrand

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Nov 15, 2012


With this up-to-date, hands-on study guide to accompany the innovative reference on managing the supply chain lifecycle, authors Schniederjans and Legrand help students and practitioners master all aspects of recasting and improving the global supply chain, and prepare them for professional certification as well as advanced degrees on the topic.  Fully aligned with the current edition of Reinventing the Supply Chain Lifecycle, this workbook-style book includes chapter learning objectives, chapter summaries, chapter questions, reviews of key terms and concepts, additional cases and examples, student self quizzes, and more.  

Table of Contents

Preface    ix

Part I  Chapters 1 to 13, Text Material Content    1

1  Developing Supply Chain Strategies    3

2  Designing Supply Chains    17

3  Staffing Supply Chains    21

4  Managing Supply Chains    31

5  Social, Ethical, and Legal Considerations    41

6  Sustainable Supply Chains    45

7  Aligning Supply Chains to Meet Life Cycle Customer Demands    57

8  Negotiating    63

9  Building an Agile and Flexible Supply Chain    67

10  Developing Partnerships in Supply Chains    79

11  Risk Management    83

12  Lean and Other Cost-Reduction Strategies in Supply Chain Management    95

13  Strategic Planning in Outsourcing    101

Part II  Chapters 14 to 22, Executive Interviews and Case Studies    115

14  Interview with Mr. Mike Orr of Genuine Parts Company    117

15  Interview with Mr. Mark Holifield of The Home Depot    119

16  Interview with Mr. Yadi Kamelian of Lincoln Industries    121

17  Interview with Mr. Eddie Capel of Manhattan Associates    123

18  Interview with Mr. Ron Robinson of LI-COR Biosciences    125

19  Interview with Mr. James Chris Gaffney of the Coca-Cola Company    127

20  Interview with Mr. Brent Beabout of Office Depot    129

21  Novelette: So You Want to Build a Plant in a Foreign Country    131

22 Novelette: So You Want to Eliminate a Plant in a Foreign Country    133

References    135

Index    137



Reinventing the Supply Chain Life Cycle, Student Workbook

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