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Religions of the World, CourseSmart eTextbook, 12th Edition

By Lewis M. Hopfe, Mark R. Woodward

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 17, 2011

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For introductory courses in world religions, comparative religions or introduction to religion.


Conceived for students with little or no background in the academic study of religions, Religions of the World offers the most broad coverage of world religions supported by primary source documents, coverage of religions as they exist today, and integrated media resources.


In preparing the eleventh  edition of  Religions of the World, Mark Woodward drew on his experience in teaching an introductory course on the religions of the world to thousands of undergraduates over the last two decades, living and working in Buddhist, Muslim and Chinese cultures for extended periods and on conversations with friends and colleagues in the Arizona Native American community.  In this edition, he has edited the text closely for clarity and readability and made other changes to keep it up to date and accurate including updating all sections on religion today for each tradition. Religions of the World  is comprehensive, readable, and engaging for all students.

Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents


Chapter 1     Basic Religions and World Religions 

Chapter 2     Native American Religions

Chapter 3     African Religions


Religions Originating in India


Chapter 4     Hinduism

Chapter 5     Jainism

Chapter 6     Buddhism

Chapter 7     Sikhism


Religions Originating in China and Japan


Chapter 8     Chinese Religions

Chapter 9     Shinto


Religion Origination in the Middle East


Chapter 10     Zoroastrianism

Chapter 11     Judaism

Chapter 12     Christianity

Chapter 13     Islam

Chapter 14     Baha’i (Online Bonus Chapter)





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