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Research-Based Practices in Special Education

By Bryan G. Cook, Melody G. Tankersley

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 17, 2012


Research-based Practices in Special Education, 1e is an authoritative collection of the best techniques known to work for students with disabilities.A volume unlike any other, it helps practitioners, teacher-educators, and policymakers combat the gap between research and practice by gathering the most meaningful findings in a single source. Written by leading authorities, chapters offer a consistent format that include definition of strategy, theoretical underpinnings, description, fidelity checklist, and research-based summaries. Sections cover a range of special education issues including academic outcomes, behavior outcomes, assessment techniques, and special populations. 

Table of Contents

Introduction to Research-based Practices in Special Education (Bryan G. Cook & Melody Tankersley)


Section 1:       Research-based Strategies for Improving Outcomes in Academics (edited by David J. Chard)


1          Strategies for Improving Student Outcomes in Emergent Reading: Advances in the Field of Early Literacy Instruction (Jill Allor & Stephanie Al Otaiba)


2.         Strategies for Improving Students’ Reading Fluency (Beth Harn & David Chard)


3.         Using Collaborative Strategic Reading to Improve Reading Comprehension (Alison Boardman, Elizabeth Swanson, Janette Klingner, & Sharon Vaughn)


4.         Vocabulary Instruction for Students with or At Risk for Learning Disabilities: Promising Approaches for Learning Words from Texts (Joanne Carlisle, Christine Kenney, & Anita Vereb)


5.         Instructional Practices for Improving Student Outcomes in Solving Arithmetic Combinations (Diane Pedrotty Bryant, Brian R. Bryant, Jacob L. Williams, Sun A. Kim, & Mikyung Shin)


6.         Strategies forImproving Student Outcomes in Mathematics’ Reasoning (Asha Jitendra & Marjorie Montague)


7.         Strategies for Improving Student Outcomes in Written Expression (Linda Mason, Karen Harris, & Steve Graham)


8.   Strategies for Improving Content Area Outcomes (B. Keith Lenz & Janis Bulgren)


9.         Strategies for Improving Student Outcomes in Co-Taught General Education Classrooms (Naomi Zigmond, Kathleen Magiera, Rhea Simmons, & Victoria Volonino)



Section 2:       Research-based Strategies for Improving Outcomes in Behavior (edited by Kathleen Lynne Lane)


10.       Positive Behavior Support: A Framework for Preventing and Responding to Learning and Behavior Problems (Kathleen Lynne Lane, Holly Mariah Menzies, Wendy P. Oakes, & Jemma Robertson Kalberg)


11.       Strategies to Prevent Problem Behavior (Kristine Jolivette, Peter Alter, Terrance M. Scott, Nikki L. Josephs, & Nicole C. Swoszowski)


12.       Students with Disabilities and Academic Engagement: Classroom-based Interventions (Kevin S. Sutherland & Stephen A. Wright)


13.       Strategies to Improve Compliance (Carol Ann Davis & Annie McLaughlin)


14.       Strategies to Address Internalizing Behavior Problems (Lee Kern, Alexandra Hilt-Panahon, & Anuja Divatia Mukherjee)


15.       Strategies for Decreasing Aggressive, Coercive, Behavior: A Call for Preventive Efforts (Kathleen Lynne Lane, Hill Walker, Mary Crnobori, Regina Oliver, Allison Bruhn, & Wendy P. Oakes)


16.       Research-based Practices for Social Behavior: Social Skills Training, Replacement Behavior Training, and Positive Peer Reporting (Frank M. Gresham, Lisa Libster, & Keri Menesses)



Section 3:       Research-based Approaches for Assessment (edited by John Wills Lloyd & Timothy J. Landrum)


17.       School-wide Prevention of Academic and Behavioral Difficulties (Matthew Burns & Sara Scholin)


18.       Data-Based Decision-Making in Academics Using Curriculum-Based Measurement (Erica Lembke, David Hampton, & Elise Hendricker)


19.       Best Practices in Assessment for Eligibility-Identification (Berttram Chiang, Suzanne Russ, & Stacey Skoning)


20.       Parental Participation in Assessment and IEP Development (Katharine G. Shepherd, Michael F. Giangreco, & Bryan G. Cook)


21.       Individualized Education Plans: Legal Requirements and Research Findings (Christine A. Christle & Mitchell L. Yell)


22.       Using Assessments to Determine the Least Restrictive Environment for Students with Disabilities (Rick Brigham & Jean Crockett)


23.       Curriculum-based Assessment (John Venn)


24.       Accommodations and Modifications for Assessment (Martha Thurlow, Sheryl Lazarus, & Laurene Christensen)



Section 4:       Research-based Strategies for Improving Outcomes for Targeted Groups of Learners (edited by Robin A. McWilliam)

25.       Research-based Practices in Early Childhood Special Education (Mary Jo Noonan & Patricia Sheehey)


26.       Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilities (Tom Scruggs & Margo Mastropieri)


27.       Teaching Individuals with Severe Intellectual Disability: Effective Instructional Practices (Susan R. Copeland & Kay Osborn)


28.       Effective Reading Interventions for English Language Learners (Kathleen King, Alfredo Artiles, & Amanda Sullivan)


29.       Teaching Students with Language Disorders (Laura Justice, Sandra Gillam, & Anita McGinty)


30.       Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Rose Iovannone)


31.       Effective Practices for Promoting Literacy with Individuals who have Physical Disabilities (Mari Beth Coleman & Kathryn Wolff Heller)


32.       Teaching Students who have Sensory Disabilities (Deborah Chen, Rachel Friedman Narr, & Diane P. Wormsley)


33.       Teaching for Transition to Adulthood (David W. Test, Kelly R. Kelley, & Dawn A. Rowe)


Research-Based Practices in Special Education

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