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Research Methods and Society: Foundations of Social Inquiry, 2nd Edition

By Linda Eberst Dorsten, Lawrence Hotchkiss

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 26, 2013


Provides a foundation for understanding research findings in social sciences.


Designed to help students acquire basic skills in the methods of social science research, the second edition of Research Methods and Society contains numerous excerpts from professional journal articles, scholarly books, and popular press. The text uses a straightforward writing style to present essential information, without eliminating key concepts, tools, and their applications. Concrete, everyday examples and “hands-on” practice activities reinforce fundamental concepts that will be useful to students in their future careers and life. Topics are illustrated in ways that are student-centered, yet instructor-friendly.


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Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers will be able to:

  • Understand research findings in the social sciences.
  • Conduct social research.
  • Apply social research skills and principles to everyday situations.

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Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents:

Chapter 1.
Introducing Social Research
Chapter 2. Doing Social Research: An Overview of this Text
Chapter 3. Foundations of Social Research
Chapter 4. Variables and Measurement
Chapter 5. Designing Social Research
Chapter 6. Observation and Ethnography
Chapter 7. Indirect Methods
Chapter 8. Surveys
Chapter 9. Populations, Samples and Sampling
Chapter 10. Data Preparation and Analysis
Chapter 11. Data Analysis 2: Describing, Explaining and Evaluating
Chapter 12. Preparing the Report
Chapter 13. Applying Principles of "Science Learning" to Everyday Learning

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