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Research Stories for Lifespan Development

By Alan Morrison, Lary Shaffer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 20, 2001

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Table of Contents

Prenatal & Neonatal Development.

1. Sound Familiar?: Experiments and infant memory.

2. Deep Roots: Correlations and infant temperament.

3. Drinking Without Thinking: Sensitive periods and teratogens.

4. The Nose Knows: Behavioral observation and recognition of infants by smell.

First Two Years.

5. Gimme the Ball: Object Permanence and Piagetian theory.

6. Attachment in Separation: Quasi experiments and maternal attachment.

7. A Family Affair: Ecological psychology and maternal employment.

8. Please Pass the Vegetables: Graph interpretation and egocentricity.

Early Childhood — 2 Years to 6 Years.

9. Spare the Rod: Punishment and aggression.

10. Reach for the Sky: Cognitive immaturity and affordance judging.

11. Some Restrictions May Apply: Deprivation and maltreatment.

12. Chip Off the Old Block: Genetics and psychological characteristics.

Later Childhood — 7 Years to 12 Years.

13. Watching and Weighting: Childhood obesity and television watching.

14. Boldface Letters: Attributions and learned helplessness.

15. It All Adds Up: Ethnicity and academic performance.

16. Watch Yourself: Behavioral therapy and self-management.


17. At a Loss for Words: Sensitive periods and language development.

18. Coming of Age: Pubertal timing and adolescent behavior.

19. Apparent from the Parents: Parenting styles and adolescent behavior.

20. Making the Grade: Early intervention and intellectual outcomes.

Early Adulthood.

21. Who's Old First?: Physical declines in early adulthood.

22. Let's See What This Baby Can Do: Birth and parent schedules.

23. Love Makes the World Go 'Round: Evolutionary psychology and jealousy.

24. Take a Whiff: Evolutionary psychology and mate choice.

Middle Adulthood.

25. Work it Out: Exercise in middle adulthood.

26. Blowing in the Wind: Disaster in middle adulthood.

27. Back to Work: Unemployment in late middle age.

28. For Better or Worse: Marital satisfaction and locus of control.

Late Adulthood.

29. Old Folks at Home: Activities of daily living in late adulthood.

30. Over the Hill: A prospective cohort study and intellectual functioning.

31. Please Don't Depend on Me: Dependent behavior in institutions.

32. Termination of the Termites: Psychological correlates of life span length.


Research Stories for Lifespan Development

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