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Research Writing Simplified: A Documentation Guide, 8th Edition

By Raymond H. Clines, Elizabeth R. Cobb

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 25, 2014


Research Writing Simplified isolates the skills related to research and moves students through a series of stepped learning activities that provide practice and reinforcement. At only 80 pages, this is the most concise research guide available—and the most effective.


Research Writing Simplified offers focused, sequenced practice in the skills and conventions of research writing, as well as practical advice and general guidance about the writing process.  Exercises include practice in summarizing, paraphrasing, correctly introducing and formatting direct quotations, the various options for in-text documentation, and correct format of works cited/reference pages. These practice exercises can be the basis of in-class instruction, or they can be assigned as homework. Because answers for some exercises are provided, students can also use Research Writing Simplified as a self-teaching guide.

Table of Contents

The Research Process

R-1 Choosing a Topic 

R-2 Researching a Topic 

R-3 Preparing a Bibliography and a Preliminary Thesis 

R-4 Taking Notes and Outlining 

Citing Sources and Academic Honesty

C-1 Documentation Systems 

C-2 In-Text Citations 

C-3 Avoiding Plagiarism 

C-4 Practice in Recognizing Plagiarism 

C-5 Additional Practice in Recognizing Plagiarism 


S-1 When to Summarize 

S-2 Documenting Summaries 

S-3 Practice in Summarizing 

S-4 Practice in Documenting Summaries 

S-5 Practice in Writing and Documenting Summaries 


P-1 When to Paraphrase 

P-2 Documenting Paraphrases and Using Lead-Ins 

P-3 Practice in Paraphrasing 

P-4 Practice in Documenting Paraphrases 

P-5 Practice in Writing and Documenting Paraphrases 

P-6 Additional Practice in Writing and Documenting Paraphrases 

Direct Quotations

Q-1 When to Use Direct Quotations 

Q-2 Documenting and Integrating Direct Quotations 

Q-3 Rules for Punctuating Quotations 

Q-4 Practice in Punctuating Quotations 

Q-5 Additional Practice in Punctuating Quotations 

Q-6 Practice in Creating Lead-Ins for Quotations 

Q-7 Practice in Integrating, Punctuating, and Documenting Quotations 

Q-8 Additional Practice in Integrating, Punctuating, and Documenting Quotations 

Q-9 Common Errors in Citing Sources 

Works Cited and References

W-1 MLA and APA 

W-2 General Guidelines 

W-3 Citing Electronic Information 

W-4 Sample Works Cited and References with Exercises (Electronic Sources) 

W-5 Sample Works Cited and References with Exercises (Non-Electronic Sources) 

W-6 Arranging a Works Cited or References List with Electronic Sources 

W-7 Arranging a Works Cited or References List with Print and Electronic Sources 

Sample Student Research Papers

SP-1 Sample Student Research Paper in MLA Format with Annotated Bibliography 

SP-2 Excerpt of Student Research Paper in APA Format 

SP-3 Excerpt of Student Research Paper in CMS Format 

Quick Review: Writing with Precision

WP-1 Review: Elements of the Essay 

WP-2 Review: Major Usage Errors 

Answer Key

Sample Chicago Manual of Style Entries

Sample APA Entries

Sample APA Entries for Electronic Sources

Sample MLA Entries

Sample MLA Entries for Electronic Sources



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