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Responsive Design Workflow

By Stephen Hay

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Apr 2, 2013


Forget fixed-width Photoshop comps, bloated client requirements, and overproduced wireframes. Yesterday’s web design deliverables fail to take into account the demands of responsive solutions. Design workflow hasn’t really changed, but best practices have. This book shows you how to adapt to the new paradigm and create sites for today’s web. Some of the strategies you’ll learn include:
  • how to better manage client expectations and development requirements
  • a practical approach for designing in the browser
  • documentation methods that outperform static Photoshop comps
  • a method for visualizing the points where responsive designs change
After absorbing the lessons in this book, you’ll leave behind old-school workflows and start working in ways that are uniquely suited to today’s multi-platform web.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: In Splendid Variety These Changes Come
Chapter 2: From the Content Out
Chapter 3: Content Reference Wireframes
Chapter 4: Designing in Text
Chapter 5: Linear Design
Chapter 6: Breakpoint Graphs
Chapter 7: Designing for Breakpoints
Chapter 8: Creating a Web-Based Design Mockup
Chapter 9: Presentation, Round One: Screenshots
Chapter 10: Presentation, Round Two: In the Browser
Chapter 11: Creating Design Guidelines


Responsive Design Workflow

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