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Rethinking California, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Matthew A. Cahn, H. Eric Schockman, David M. Shafie

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 4, 2009

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This book explores the state of California – viewing the state as a holistic political culture that reflects the influence of multiple cultures, ethnic groups, and communities of interest. It starts with a broad historical foundation, and travels through cultural analyses and institutional discussions. The evaluation of specific policy issues affecting the state is an important stop along the way, and the crossroads that bring together the variety of analytic paths.   This book is suited for individuals interested in California policy work, and gaining a better understanding of that state's unique political culture.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Three States of California

The Three States of California

            Southern California

            Northern California

            The Central Valley

How Many Californias?

            Urban California, Urban Peripheries, and Rural California

            California Divide

Featured Reading: from Notes from a Native Daughter by Joan Didion

The Structure of This Book


Chapter 2 - California’s Political History

A Diverse Heritage

            Conquest and Colonization

            The Mexican-American War

            California’s Boom

Railroad Politics

California’s Constitution

            The First Constitution

            The Second Constitution

The Progressive Movement’s Legacy

The Progressive Social Agenda

Featured Reading: from La Placita by Ruben Matinez



Chapter 3 - Political Culture and Politics in Postwar California

Featured Reading: A Supermarket in California by Allen Ginsberg

The Postwar Era

            The Pat Brown Legacy

                        Pat Brown’s “Soft” Liberalism

                        Jesse Unruh’s “Hard” Liberalism

            Conservatism Meets Populism: The Regan Revolution

            The Jerry Brown Years

            Taxpayer Revolt

            Return to Divided Government

California Politics in the 21st Century

Political Culture and Politics in Postwar California



Chapter 4 - People, Diversity, and Culture

Featured Reading: A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki

The Multicultural State

            Culture as Politics

Fear and Loathing in California’s Changing Population

            Proposition 63

            California Civil Rights Initiative

            Proposition 187

Monterey Park: a Case Study in Diversity



Chapter 5 - California’s Economy

California and the U.S. Economy

Budget Crisis Politics

The Crisis Hits Suburbia: Municipal Bankruptcy in Orange County

The Return to Business-As-Usual


Featured Reading: Rancho de Los Arcos


Chapter 6 - California’s Constitution and Constitutional Officers

California’s Constitution

The Constitutional Officers

            The Governor

            The Lieutenant Governor

            The Attorney General

            The Controller

            The Secretary of State

            The State Treasurer

            The Superintendent of Public Instruction

            The Insurance Commissioner

            The Board of Equalization

The Bureaucracy


Featured Reading: The Un-California by Daniel Weintraub


Chapter 7 - California’s Legislature

The State of the Legislature

The Human Side of the Legislature

Legislative Organization and Procedures

The Legislative Process

        Legislation by Initiative

                The Initiative

                The Referendum

                The Recall


Featured Reading: Should One Politician Call the Cops on Another? by Willie Brown


Chapter 8 - California Justice

The Courts

            Superior Courts

            District Courts of Appeal

California Supreme Court

            Judicial Selection

            The Judicial Bureaucracy


Featured Reading: Women in California Courts by Lori Cox Han


Chapter 9 - Intergovernmental Relations

California in National Politics

California’s Congressional Delegation

California’s Representatives: Bringing Home the Bacon?

Local Governments



         Special Districts

          Regional Governments and Agencies

          The Future of State-Local Relations

Federalism Today: Welfare Reform as a Case Study


Featured Reading: California Split by Gar Alperovitz


Chapter 10 - The Policy Game

Rules of the Policy Game

          Maximizing Policy Strategies

Policy Actors

            Institutional Policy Actors

            Non-Institutional Actors

Policy Outputs: California’s Budget as a Case Study


Featured Reading: Travels With Arnold


Chapter 11 - Non-Institutional Players: The Media, Political Parties, and Interest Groups

Media Politics

            Media Effects and the Vulnerability of Political Attitudes

            The Media and Governmental Politics in California

            The Media and Electoral Politics in California

            Paid Media

            Free Media

Political Parties in California

            The Role of Parties in California Politics

Interest Group Politics

            Interest Groups and Electoral Politics


Featured Reading: Term Limits Add Up to Brain Drain by Jordan Rau


Chapter 12 - The Electorate as Players: Elections and Political Participation

The Election Cycle

The Primary

The General Election

Special Elections

The Recall Election of 2003

The Special Election of 2005

The Business of Direct Democracy

California’s Electorate

Minor Parties

The Rise of Independent Voters

Voter Turnout

The Disappearing California Voter

Voter Registration

Demographics and Voter Turnout

Immigration and Participation

Implications of Unequal Participation


Featured Reading: The Second American Revolution by Gore Vidal


Chapter 13 - Educational Policy

California’s Public K-12 Institutions

California’s Public Colleges and Universities

The Policy Questions

            The Funding Infrastructure

Policy Responses

No Child Left Behind

Case Studies

            Vista Unified School District

            Richmond Unified School District

            Los Angeles Unified School District

Featured Reading: from The Zip Code Route into UC by Susan E, Brown



Chapter 14 - Environmental and Energy Policy

Air Quality

Water Quality

            Bay Area Water Quality: A Statewide Barometer

Energy Use and Impacts

Public Transit in Los Angeles: A Case Study in Environmental


            The Environmental Connection: Transportation Impacts on Air,

              Water, Toxics, Land Use, and Energy

Policy Reponses

            Air Policy

            Los Angeles: A Case in Point

            Water Policy

            Waste Policy

            Energy Policy

Featured Reading: from The Closing Circle: Nature, Man, and Technology by Barry Commoner



Chapter 15 - Immigration Policy

Immigration in California’s History

Back to the Future: Proposition 187 and Beyond

            Proposition 187: a Defining Moment in Time

            The 1994 Vote and the Issue of Illegal Immigration

            The Death of Proposition 187

Appendix: Proposition 187


Featured Reading:  A Nation of Laws and Immigrants

President George W. Bush


Chapter 16 - Civil Rights Policy

Civil Rights Policy in California

            Ending Discrimination Through Affirmative Action

            The Bakke Case

            Proposition 209: “The California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI)”

            From Proposition 209 to the Present

            Beyond Race: The Quest for Gender and Sexual Orientation Parity

              in California

            Women and Equal Rights in California

            The Long March Toward GLBT Equal Rights and Civil Rights

            Contemporary GLBT Developments in California

Featured Reading: from Shame by Tom Brokaw

Appendix: Korematsu v. United States



Chapter 17 - Rethinking California

Featured Reading: from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick

APPENDIX A - California’s Counties

APPENDIX B - California’s Constitutional Officers

APPENDIX C - California State Senate

APPENDIX D - California Assembly

APPENDIX E - California Resources on the Web

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