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Rethinking Marketing, 2nd Edition

By Philip Kotler

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Dec 11, 2012


This book offers a fresh perspective on understanding how successful business strategies are crafted. It provides insights into the challenges and opportunities present in changing Asian business environments. Concepts are presented through models and frameworks. These are illustrated through case studies showcasing a broad spectrum of Asian businesses, ranging from manufacturing to logistics planning to retailing and services. Readers will be able to understand the problems faced by Asian companies, and to apply useful conceptual tools to formulate effective strategies in solving them.

Table of Contents

List of Case Studies
About the Authors
About the Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing
Introduction – About the Sustainable Marketi-ing Enterprise Model

Part 1 Sustainable
Chapter 1 Drive Your Sustainability Loop
Part 2 Market-ing
Chapter 2 Analyse Your Landscape
Chapter 3 Design Your Architecture
* Strategy : “How to Win the Mind Share”
* Tactic : “How to Win the Market Share”
* Value : “How to Win the Hear Share”
Chapter 4 Balance Your Scorecard
Part 3 Enterprise
Chapter 5 Build Your Inspiration, Culture and Institution
* Inspiration
* Culture
* Institution
Epilogue – Putting it All Together
Appendix 1 – The Asian Landscape
Appendix 2 – Generic Architecture for Facing the Crisis

List of Case Studies:
Chapter 1 Drive Your Sustainability Loop
1.1 SM Prime Holdings Inc : Malling as a Way of Life
Chapter 2 Analyse Your Landscape
2.1 Asian Paradox : Universalization vs Fortification
2.2 Changi International Airport

Chapter 3 Design Your Architecture
3.1 Dell’s Positioning – Differentiation – Brand Virtuous Cycle
3.2 Competing for the Asian Travellers
3.3 Sing Tel
3.4 My Majesty – The Urban Commuter
3.5 Secret Recipe – Secrets of Success
3.6 Better than Hotel, More than a Home…
3.7 AirAsia’s Pricing Strategy : the Enabler of its Ethos – Now Everyone Can Fly
3.8 Bajaj Auto : Vrooming across Global Highways
3.9 Amway – Selling the AMerican WAY in Asia?
3.10 Tiens Group
3.11 Jollibee: The Taste that Conquered a Nation
3.12 The Popular Quotient
3.13 Lenovo – The Challenge of Global Branding
3.14 Café de Coral Holdings Pte Ltd

Chapter 5 Build Your Inspiration, Culture and Institution
5.1 Big Dreams and a Bright Beam for Indonesia
5.2 Matsushita : The “Nobel Prize” Company
5.3 Tan Tock Seng Hospital


Rethinking Marketing, 2nd Edition

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