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RTI and Mathematics: Practical Tools for Teachers in K-8 Classrooms, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Regina Gresham, Mary E. Little

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 10, 2012

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This first-of-its-kind, practical, interactive, “how to” guide gives today’s busy educators hands-on help for understanding and effectively implementing the mathematics curriculum with the RTI model—and improving student conceptual learning in mathematics.


This practical guide is designed to help educators gain knowledge about Response to Instruction/Intervention (RTI) as it relates to mathematics, and to help them consider and then act on their critical roles within the RTI process in the classroom and the school. Here is information that can be put to immediate use within K-8 classrooms in order to implement RTI in mathematics successfully and to meet the instructional goals in mathematics for all students.


The authors, a mathematics teacher and a special education teacher, provide clear definitions of common language, core, implementation practices, and procedures as related to or involved with RTI, and show readers the connections among teachers’ knowledge and skills and their important use with RTI. Included is a continuous case study of a mathematics teacher as she implements RTI in her classroom; clear, evidence-based content; scenarios; examples; resources and activities; plus modeling, description, and reflection on the key learning outcomes of RTI.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Response to Intervention in Mathematics

            What is Response to Instruction/Intervention (RTI)?

            What RTI is Not?

            Meeting the Instructional Needs of All Learners in Mathematics

            Connections: RTI with Common cord Standards and NCTM Focal Points in Mathematics

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 2: Setting the Stage for RTI in the Classroom by Understanding the Fundamentals

            RTI and How It Works

            Tiered Instruction-Why and How It Works

            Instructional Decision-making Processes for RTI Implementation

            Instructional Variables in the Mathematics Classroom

            Beginning and Delivering and Intervention Plan for Students

            Coordinating Interventions with Core Classroom Instruction

            Case Study-Revisited

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 3: Knowing the Students are Learning-Use of Assessment Data

            Understanding the Purposes and Types of Assessment

            Assessments used within RTI

            Using Assessment to Plan Instruction within RTI in Mathematics

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 4: Teaching All Students in My Classroom-Tier 1

            An Overview of Tier 1

            Universal Screening and Instructional Variables

            Effective Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom

            Differentiating Instruction

            Using Concrete Manipulatives and Multiple Representations

            Scaffolding Instruction for Mathematical Learning

            Curriculum Based Assessments for Instructional Decision-Making

            Teacher’s Corner


Chapter 5: Interventions within Tier 2

            An Overview of Tier 2

            Using Data to Select Interventions for Students

            Intensifying and Implementing Interventions; Standard protocol and Problem-Solving

            Organizing for Instruction: Grouping and Scheduling

            Monitoring Student Progress for Instructional Decision-Making

            Teacher’s Corner


Chapter 6: Intensifying Interventions within Tier 3

            Variables to Intensifying During Tier 3

            Ms. Holly’s Planning for RTI

            Diagnostic Assessment and Teaching at Tier 3

            Special Education Services within RTI

            Teacher’s Corner

Chapter 7: Supporting Students in Our School through Professional Learning about RTI

            Supporting Students through Collaboration within RTI

            Making RTI Work for Students

            Professional Learning: Getting Connected with Colleagues

            Building Professional and Collegial Learning Communities for RTI Implementation

            RTI Embedded Within Continuous School Improvement

            Teacher’s Corner


Appendix (Reproducibles)

Teacher Resources for RTI and Differentiated Instruction


Book Study Guide

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Resource


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