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Rudiments of Music, 4th Edition

By Robert W. Ottman, Frank Mainous

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 18, 2003

Table of Contents

 1. Pitch.

 2. Pitch: The Keyboard.

 3. Time.

 4. Pitch (continued).

 5. Pitch: Major Scales.

 6. Pitch: Major Scales (continued).

 7. Time (continued).

 8. Time (continued).

 9. Time (continued).

10. Pitch: Major Scales (continued).

11. Pitch: Major Key Signatures.

12. Time (continued).

13. Time (continued).

14. Pitch: Minor Scales.

15. Pitch: Minor Scales (continued).

16. Pitch: Minor Key Signatures.

17. Major and Minor Key Relationships.

18. Intervals: Major and Perfect.

19. Intervals (continued).

20. Harmony I: Chords, Major Triads.

21. Keyboard Harmony I.

22. Harmony II: The Minor, Diminished, and Augmented Triads.

23. Keyboard Harmony II.

Appendix A. Elementary Acoustics.

Appendix B. Octave Registers, SVA, The C Clef and Other Clefs, Repeat Signs.

Appendix C. The Medieval Modes and Other Scale Forms.

Appendix D. Keyboard Scale Fingerings.

Appendix E. Foreign Words and Musical Terms.

Appendix F. Answers.



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