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Saga of Mathematics, The: A Brief History

By Marty Lewinter, William Widulski

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 12, 2001


For undergraduate-level courses in the History of Mathematics, or Liberal Arts Mathematics.

Perfect for the non-math major, this inexpensive paperback text uses lively language to put mathematics in an interesting, historical context and points out the many links to art, philosophy, music, computers, navigation, science, and technology. The arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are presented in a way that makes them relevant to daily life as well as larger issues.

Table of Contents

 1. Oh, So Mysterious Egyptian Mathematics!

 2. Mesopotamia Here We Come.

 3. Those Incredible Greeks!

 4. Greeks Bearing Gifts.

 5. Must All Good Things Come to an End?

 6. Europe Smells the Coffee.

 7. Mathematics Marches On.

 8. A Few Good Men.

 9. A Most Amazing Century of Mathematical Marvels!

10. The Age of Euler.

11. A Century of Surprises.

12. Ones and Zeros.

13. Some More Math Before You Go.

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