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SAP R/3 for Everyone: Step-by-Step Instructions, Practical Advice, and Other Tips and Tricks for Working with SAP

By Jim Mazzullo, Peter Wheatley

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 15, 2005


SAP R/3 for Everyone is the nontechnical user's guide to working with SAP R/3, the leading business enterprise software product in the world. Written and road-tested by experienced SAP R/3 users and trainers, this book saves typical SAP R/3 users time and trouble by providing them with the universal skills needed to work with any module of this complex software.

SAP R/3 can be used effectively by anyone who can perform a handful of simple procedures that are employed in nearly every SAP R/3 transaction. The authors explain these procedures in plain English, using illustrations and real-world examples.

After a brief explanation of the architecture and operation of SAP R/3, readers get step-by-step instruction in

  • Logging on and off, managing passwords, and customizing the SAP application window and screens
  • Navigating between screens with menu folders, transaction codes, and the menu bar
  • Setting up customized favorites folders with quick links to the initial screens of transactions and other useful resources
  • Understanding the four basic transaction types
  • Working on initial screens, including tips and techniques for entering codes, searching for codes, customizing initial screens, and using multiple selection screens and selection options
  • Customizing output reports with filters, sorts, sums, and display variants
  • Exporting output reports to Microsoft Excel and Word and e-mailing output reports to other SAP users

Practical and jargon-free, SAP R/3 for Everyone provides readers with the skills and confidence they need to efficiently conduct any business activity with SAP R/3.

Table of Contents


About the Authors


Introduction: Design and Operation of the SAP.

    Application Window

    Menu Bar

    Standard Toolbar

    Title Bar

    Application Toolbar

    Status Bar

    Central Work Area

    Popup Screens

    SAP on the Web


Lesson 1: Logging On and Logging Off.

    Logging On

    Procedure: Logging On With the SAP Logon Pad

    Procedure: Logging On With a Desktop Shortcut

    Logging Off

    Procedure: Logging Off

Lesson 2: Working With SAP Sessions.

    Controlling the Application Window Geometry and Location

    Creating Multiple Application Windows

    Procedure: Creating Multiple Application Windows

    Killing a Session

    Procedure: Cancelling a Transaction

    Customizing the Layout of Application Windows and Screens

    Procedure: Customizing With the Options Command

    Procedure: Customizing With the New Visual Design Command

    Customizing the SAP Easy Access Screen

    Procedure: Customizing the SAP Easy Access Screen

    Creating Desktop Shortcuts

    Procedure: Creating Desktop Shortcuts

Lesson 3: Entering User Profile Data.

    Procedure: Entering User Profile Data

Lesson 4: Changing Your Password.

    Changing Your Password

    Procedure: Changing Your Password When You Log On

    Procedure: Changing Your Password After You Log On


Lesson 5: Navigating to Initial Screens With the Menu Folders.

    Navigating With the Menu Folders

    SAP and User Menu Folders

    Searching for Transactions

    Procedure: Searching for a Transaction With Keywords

Lesson 6: Navigating to Initial Screens With the Favorites Folders.

    Working With the Favorites Folders

    Adding Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Creating a Favorites Folder

    Adding Transaction Links to the Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Adding a Transaction Link With Its Code to the Favorites Folder

    Procedure: Adding a Transaction Link Without Its Code to the Favorites Folder

    Adding Web, Intranet, and E-mail Links to the Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Adding a Web or an Intranet Link to the Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Adding a Link to Your External E-mail Application in the Favorites Folders

    Changing the Names of Favorites Folders and Links

    Procedure: Changing the Name of a Folder or Link in the Favorites Folders

    Deleting Favorites Folders and Links

    Sharing Your Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Downloading Your Favorites Folders

    Procedure: Uploading Favorites Folders

Lesson 7: Navigating to Initial Screens With Transaction Codes.

    Navigating With Transaction Codes

    Procedure: Selecting Transaction Codes From the Command Field List Menu

    Identifying Transaction Codes

    Procedure: Displaying Transaction Codes on the SAP Easy Access Screen

    Procedure: Identifying Transaction Codes With the Menu Bar

    Procedure: Identifying Transaction Codes With the Status Bar

    Searching for Transactions by Transaction Codes

    Procedure: Searching for Transactions With Keywords

Lesson 8: Navigating Between Screens With Menu Bars.

    Navigating from the Initial Screen of a Transaction

    Navigating from the Output Screen of a Transaction

    Exploring SAP


Lesson 9: Entering Codes and Text.

    Tips for Entering Codes and Text

Lesson 10: Searching for Codes.

    Short Hit List Screens

    Multiple-Tab Search Screens

    Procedure: Searching for a Code With a Single Search Criterion

    Procedure: Searching for a Code With Multiple Search Criteria

    Tips for Using Multiple-Tab Search Screens

    Structure Search Tree

    List-Display Search Screens

Lesson 11: Entering Codes on Multiple Selection Screens.

    Design and Operation of a Multiple Selection Screen

    Procedure: Copying Multiple Codes Onto the Multiple Selection Screen

    Using the Multiple Selection Screen: An Example

    Using the Multiple Selection Button

    Procedure: Searching for Multiple Codes for the Multiple Selection Screen

Lesson 12: Using Selection Options on Data Entry Fields.

    Attaching Selection Options to Data Entry Fields

    Procedure: Attaching a Selection Option to a Data Entry Field

    Procedure: Removing a Selection Option From a Data Entry Field

    What Do the Green Selection Options Do?

    What Do the Red Selection Options Do?

Lesson 13: Working With Screen Variants.

    Adding Data Entry Fields With the Dynamic Selections Button

    Procedure: Adding More Selection Criteria to an Initial Screen

    Creating Screen Variants

    Procedure: Creating a Variant of an Initial Screen

    Changing a Screen Variant

    Procedure: Changing a Screen Variant

    Procedure: Changing a Screen Variant 2

    Calling Up a Screen Variant

    Procedure: Calling Up a Temporary Variant

    Deleting a Screen Variant

    Procedure: Deleting a Screen Variant

    Procedure: Creating a Single Default Data Entry on an Initial Screen


Lesson 14: Sorting, Filtering, and Summing Up Line-item Reports.

    Sorting and Grouping Line-item Reports

    Example 1: Single-Column Sort of a Line-item Report

    Procedure: Single-Column Sort of a Line-item Report

    Example 2: Multiple-Column Sort of a Line-item Report

    Procedure: Multiple-Column Sort of a Line-item Report

    Example 3: Single-Column Sort of a Hit List

    Filtering Line-item Reports

    Example 1: Filtering the Line-item Report of the IH08 Transaction

    Procedure: Filtering a Line-item Report

    Example 2: Filtering the Line-item Report of the Cost Center A/P/V Transaction

    Procedure: Filtering Positive and Negative Values in a Line-item Report 1

    Example 3: Filtering Positive and Negative Values on the Usual Filter Screen

    Summing Up Data Columns in Line-item Reports

    Procedure: Summing Up Data in a Column of a Line-item Report

    Procedure: Grouping and Subtotaling Data in a Line-item Report

Lesson 15. Display Variants for Line-item Reports.

    Accessing the Display Variant Functions

    The Change Layout Screen

    Creating a Display Variant

    Procedure: Creating a Display Variant for a Line-item Report

    Saving a Display Variant

    Procedure: Saving a Display Variant

    Applying a Display Variant

    Procedure: Applying a Display Variant After the Fact

    Deleting a Display Variant

    Procedure: Deleting a Display Variant

    Working With Display Variants on Other Screens

Lesson 16. Exporting Line-item Reports to Microsoft Excel and Word.

    Front-Door Exports

    Procedure: Exporting to MS Excel With the Option/Office Integration Button

    Procedure: Exporting to MS Excel With the List Menu

    Back-Door Exports

    Procedure: Back-Door Export of a Line-item Report to MS Excel

Lesson 17. Sending Line-item Reports via SAP E-mail.

    The Create Document and Send Screen

    The Upper Subscreen

    The Lower Subscreen

    Entering and Searching for the Names of Recipients

    Procedure: Searching for Recipients

    Working With Distribution Lists

    Procedure: Creating Distribution Lists

    Procedure: Searching for Distribution Lists

    Reading SAP E-mail Messages

    Procedure: Reading E-mail in the Business Workplace

    Procedure: Storing or Deleting an E-mail Message

    Sending E-mail From the Business Workplace Screen

    Procedure: Creating and Sending New E-mail

    Procedure: Replying to E-mail

    Procedure: Forwarding E-mail

    Coda: The Basic Transaction Types

    Transaction Type 1: Displaying an Object

    Transaction Type 2: Displaying a List of Related Objects

    Transaction Type 3 : Creating an Object

    Transaction Type 4: Changing an Object

Appendix: Create a Plant Maintenance Order (IW31).


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