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Say This, NOT That to Your Professor: 36 Talking Tips for College Success, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Ellen Bremen

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 5, 2013


For First-Year Experience, College Success, Student Development and any course where learning effective communication skills for college is a priority.


In Say This, NOT That to Your Professor, an award-winning, tenured communication professor takes students "inside the faculty mind," and provides the words professors wish students would say to manage their classroom experience with confidence.


This book gives students inside tips on how to interact so professors will respond in a positive manner. They'll learn to create opportunities and properly stand up for themselves, rather than fumble over excuses. Students will have improved relationships with professors, better grades, and an amazing college experience!

Table of Contents

Section 1: Class Issues Your Professor Won't Discuss With You (But Wishes Someone Would)




Chapter 1. Parents Handling Your Problems


Classroom Behavior/Your Peers

Chapter 2. Class Jokers

Chapter 3. What Other Students Think and Feel

Chapter 4. Distracting Classroom Behavior (Texting!)



Chapter 5. Comparing Grades With Others

Chapter 6. "Getting" Grades and Working "Hard" for Your Grades

Chapter 7. A Zero Grade

Chapter 8. Getting the Grade You Need

Chapter 9. Passing a Course After Absences

Chapter 10. A Do-Over

Chapter 11. Extra Credit

Chapter 12. Finding Out What's on the Test


Managing Your Assignments/Schedule

Chapter 13. Your Work Ethic

Chapter 14. Asking for Help or a Review (Early!)

Chapter 15. Procrastination

Chapter 16. Late Work

Chapter 17. Conflict with Work in Other Classes

Chapter 18. Leaving Early or Arriving Late

Chapter 19. Going Over What You Missed

Chapter 20. Figuring Out if You Missed Something "Important"

Chapter 21. Apologizing


Dealing With E-mail/Social Media/Technology

Chapter 22. Frequent E-mailing

Chapter 23. Your E-mail Address

Chapter 24. Sending Angry E-mails

Chapter 25. Sloppy, Casual, or Unrelated E-mails

Chapter 26. Responding to Your Professor's E-mails

Chapter 27. Using Facebook/Twitter

Chapter 28. Laptop Use in Class


Section 2: Class Issues Your Professor Won't Discuss With You (And May Not Want You to Know)

Chapter 29. Receiving Timely Feedback That Makes Sense

Chapter 30. Challenging a Professor

Chapter 31. Going Higher

Chapter 32. Professor Evaluations

Chapter 33. Teaching Style

Chapter 34. Accessing Your Professor In and Out of Class

Chapter 35. Learning About a Professor Ahead of Time

Chapter 36. Failure of the Entire Class


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