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School and Community Relations, The, 11th Edition

By Edward H. Moore, Don H. Bagin, Donald R. Gallagher

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 24, 2014


In this widely popular resource, established and aspiring school leaders and executives get solid grounding in the theories and practices essential to promoting successful school and community relations. With a focus on successfully implementing communication activities with critical internal and external audiences, The School and Community Relations guides readers through the theory, research, and practice essential to communication planning. Organized around key communication practices, it stresses the importance of generating communication outcomes that go well beyond the dissemination of information to benefit schools and students. School leaders get practical help for tying their communication investments to developing engaged audiences that will understand and support education initiatives. The authors present their authoritative advice on both communication strategies and tactics, with a focus on new and emerging practices using digital and social media. Their knowledge, examples, and strategies come from their many combined years as educators and practitioners in school systems throughout North America.

Table of Contents

Part 1.  Essential Considerations

1.         The Importance of Public Relations

2.         Public Character of the School

3.         Understanding the Community

4.         Policies, Goals, and Strategies

5.         Administering the Program


Part 2.  Relations with Special Publics

6.         The Communication Process

7.         Communicating with Internal Publics

8.         Communicating with External Publics

9.         Crisis Communication

10.       Communication about School Services and Special Events


Part 3.  Communication Tools

11.        Working with the News Media

12.        Working with Publications

13.        Using Online Tactics

14.        Conducting Special Issue Campaigns

15.        Communicating School Finance Issues


Part 4.  Evaluation 

16.        Assessment and Accountability


Appendix A. Organizations that Could Be Helpful



School and Community Relations, The, 11th Edition

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