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School Counseling for the 21st Century, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Stanley B. Baker, Edwin R. Gerler

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 25, 2007

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Upon opening this textbook for the first time and glancing at the table of contents, students are presented with chapter titles that reflect all the crucial subject matter of what it takes to be a school counselor.  Examples of national models and paradigms, all designed to make the profession manageable and understandable, are on display throughout the book.  The authors have incorporated the human side of school counseling at the core of every chapter, hoping not to block the spirit of caring for people by what at first glance might appear to be academic jargon.


This book is designed as a means for graduate students and others to lend their voices to the issues confronting school counselors and, most importantly, to chart the course for invention in school counseling.  The authors believe that the school counseling profession is enriched when the voices of aspiring professionals meet the voices of experience, with the aim of creating new ways to serve. 

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1            The School Counseling Profession

CHAPTER 2            School Counseling and the Challenge of History

CHAPTER 3            A Comprehensive Model for Professional School Counseling: A Balanced Approach

CHAPTER 4            Accountability in School Counseling

CHAPTER 5            Legal and Ethical Responsibilities in School Counseling

CHAPTER 6            Advocacy in School Counseling

CHAPTER 7            Leadership and Collaboration in School Counseling

CHAPTER 8            Prevention Programming in School Counseling: Serving All Students Proactively

CHAPTER 9            Individual and Group Counseling: Responding to Selected Needs in Schools

CHAPTER 10          Referral and Coordination in School Counseling

CHAPTER 11          School Counselor Consulting: A Bridge Between Prevention and Intervention

CHAPTER 12          Assessment in School Counseling

CHAPTER 13          Inventing a School Counseling Program Online

CHAPTER 14          Beyond the Training Program: A School Counseling Career

APPENDIX A           Standards for School Counseling Programs

APPENDIX B           Lesson Outlines for Succeeding in School

APPENDIX C           Key Components of the National Standards for School Counseling Programs

APPENDIX D           Presidential High School: MEASURE of Success

APPENDIX E           XYZ Closing the Gap Results Report

APPENDIX F           ACA Code of Ethics

APPENDIX G          Ethical Standards for School Counselors

APPENDIX H          Multicultural Counseling Standards





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