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School Crisis Prevention and Intervention, CouseSmart eTextbook

By Mary M. Kerr

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 19, 2008

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Preparation.  Prevention.  Intervention.


What can you do to prepare for a potential crisis in your school?  This daunting question is addressed in Mary Margaret Kerr’s School Crisis Prevention and Intervention.   As a respondent to over 1,000 school-related crises, Kerr provides a realistic and detailed guide to approaching school crises at all stages, from preparation and prevention to intervention and recovery.  Following a four-phase conceptual framework, Kerr walks you through the planning and implementation of crisis prevention and response and provides you with the tools necessary to develop a crisis prevention and intervention toolkit specific to your school.

Table of Contents

1.    An Overview of School Crisis Prevention and Intervention

A Model for School Crisis Prevention and Intervention


Crisis Preparation

Crisis Response


2.    Crisis Planning

Case Study, Part I

The Goals of Crisis Planning

Developing Crisis Policies

Elements of a Comprehensive Crisis Plan

Policy and Procedures: An Illustration

Common Problems in Crisis Planning

Technology's Role in Crisis Planning

3.    Crisis Team Preparation

Case Study, Part I

Crisis Team Members

Initial Crisis Team Training

Contents of a Crisis Response "Go-kit"


Initial Calls and Briefings

Refresher Training

Common Problems in Crisis Team Preparation

Evaluating the Response and Improving the Plan

Supporting a Crisis Team

4.    Crisis Communications

Case Study, Part I

The Goals of Crisis Communications

Preparing for Crisis Communications

Using Technology to Facilitate Initial Crisis Communications

Communications During a Crisis

Informing School Personnel

Informing Students

Informing Parents

Rumor Control

Working with Media Representatives

5.    Prevention, Mitigation, and Response for Accidents and Illnesses

Case Study, Part I


Assessing School Health Conditions

Preventing Accidents on the Way To and From School

Preventing Accidents at School

Environmental Hazards

Respiratory Emergencies

Risky Behaviors

Suicidal Behavior

Crisis Intervention for a Medical Emergency

Special Circumstances

6.    Prevention, Mitigation, and Response for Violence

Case Study, Part I


School Violence Prevention

Bullying or Peer Harassment

Individual Crisis Responses

School-wide Crisis Responses

Supporting Students After a Violent Incident

7.    Prevention, Mitigation and Response for Disasters

Case Study, Part I

Disaster Recovery: Acknowledgement, Expression, and Reengagement

Typical Reactions to Disasters

Supporting Disaster Victims Through School-Based Counseling

8.    Psychological Supports in a Crisis

Case Study, Part I


Understanding the Traumatic Experience

School-Based Supports for Students

Acute Stress Reaction Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Traumatic Grief

Supporting Students and Their Families

9.    Postvention Following a Death

Case Study, part I

Postvention Following Suicide: Preventing Contagion

An Overview of the Postvention Process

Verifying the Death

Contacting the Victim's Family

Following the Schedule of the Deceased

Group Interventions

One-Time Educational Support Group

Individual Screening

Funeral Plans

Postvention in Other Schools


Supporting the Postvention Team

Evaluation and Follow-Up


Graduation Activities After a Death

Anniversary Dates

10.  Supporting School Crisis Responders

Case Study, Part I


Risk Factors for Burnout

Burnout, Compassion Fatigue

Supporting Crisis Responders

The Paradoxical Rewards of Crisis Responding


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