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School Law and the Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders, 5th Edition

By Nathan L. Essex

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 17, 2012


School Law and the Public Schools is a practical, easy to read, comprehensive guide to the legal issues facing public schools in the U.S. today. An essential reference for all teachers, educational leaders, and policymakers at all levels, the book is organized and written in a style that is accessible to all, even those with little or no knowledge of the legal issues in education.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Legal Framework Affecting Public Schools

Chapter 2 Religion and the Public Schools

Chapter 3 Student Rights and Restrictions

Chapter 4 National Security and School Safety

Chapter 5 Individuals with Disabilities

Chapter 6 School Personnel and School District Liability

Chapter 7 Liability and Student Records

Chapter 8 Teacher Freedoms

Chapter 9 Discrimination in Employment

Chapter 10 Recruitment, Tenure, Dismissal, and Due Process

Chapter 11 The Instructional Program and School Attendance

Chapter 12 School Desegregation

Chapter 13 Public School Finance

Chapter 14 The Constitution of the United States of America



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