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PACKAGE ISBN-13: 9780131381391

By Joseph M. Peters, David L. Stout

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 10, 2010

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Science in Elementary Education: Methods, Concepts, and Inquiries, 11th Edition
By Joseph M. Peters, David L. Stout


Substantially rewritten to focus on inquiry teaching and learning as espoused in the National Science Education Standards, the new edition of Science in Elementary Education: Methods, Concepts, and Inquiries will prepare pre-service teachers to plan, facilitate, adapt, and assess inquiry experiences consistent with today’s science classroom.  It accomplishes this by implementing the 6E model of inquiry teaching, addressing the planning and needs of inquiry teaching classrooms, and describing the materials teachers need to get up and running.


This practical text includes over 350 Teaching Tips throughout and Three Inquiry Units that model constructivist applications, build conceptual knowledge, and provide a bank of classroom-tested lessons to use in science classrooms.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 1: Inquiring Minds in the Classroom    

Chapter 2: Discovering Science Through Inquiry

Chapter 3: Planning for Inquiry 

Chapter 4: Inquiry and Assessment      

Chapter 5: Inquiry and Science as Practice       

Chapter 6: Inquiry Experiences for All Children

Chapter 7: Inquiry Learning Opportunities        

Chapter 8: Professional Development in Support of Inquiry


Part II

Unit 1: Physical Science

Unit 2: Life Science

Unit 3: Earth and Space Science



Appendix A: Professional Bibliography

Appendix B: Science Curriculum Projects

Appendix C: Commercial Science Suppliers

Appendix D: Environments and Nutrition for Classroom Animals          

Appendix E: Summary of Children’s Thinking

Appendix F: State Education Agencies 

Appendix G: Earthworm Unit