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Science K-8: An Integrated Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook, 11th Edition

By Edward Victor, Richard D. Kellough, Robert H. Tai

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 7, 2007

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Packed with the science content future teachers must know, and based on the premise that integrated learning by inquiry is the cornerstone of effective science teaching, the eleventh edition of this classic again focuses on the four developmental components of both teaching and learning–the why, what, how, and how well of teaching. Unique to this text are complete content outlines covering the big ideas of life, earth, and phyisical science. Teachers can use these outlines and sequence concepts to build science units with an assurance they will be complete.

Table of Contents


 1. Teaching Science in Grades K-8: Then and Now.

 2. Goals and Objectives for K-8 Science.

 3. Understanding the Nature of Science and Sciencing.

 4. Questioning and Other Behaviors that Provide the Foundation for Active Science Learning.

 5. Strategies for Helping Children Learn Science.

 6. Selecting and Using Media and Other Instructional Aids and Resources.

 7. Planning the Instruction.

 8. Assessing and Reporting Student Achievement.


Earth and the Universe.

       9. The Universe.
     10. The Earth.
     11. Water, Weather, and Climate.
Living Things.

     12. Plants.
     13. Neither Plant nor Animal.
     14. Animals.
     15. The Human Body.
Matter, Energy, and Technology.

     16. Changes in Matter and Energy.
     17. Friction and Machines.
     18. Heat, Fire, and Fuels.
     19. Sound.
     20. Light.
     21. Magnetism and Electricity.
Name Index.
Subject Index.

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