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Science of Electronics, The: Digital

By Thomas L. Floyd, David M. Buchla

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 9, 2004

Table of Contents

 1. Digital Quantities and Functions.

 2. Logic Gates: And, Or, and Inverter.

 3. Logic Gates: Nand and Nor.

 4. Logic Gate Combinations.

 5. Arithmetic Logic and Processes.

 6. Binary Code and Data Logic.

 7. Latches, Flip-Flops, and Timers.

 8. Counters.

 9. Shift Registers.

10. Programmable Logic.

11. Computer Basics.

12. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.

Appendix A. Summary of Boolean Algebra.

Appendix B. Lab Manual Art.

Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions.

Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.



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