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Science of Nutrition, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Janice J. Thompson, Melinda Manore, Linda Vaughan

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Apr 1, 2010

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The Science of Nutrition offers a rigorous, research-based approach to nutrition that supports instructor’s needs for thorough, well-organized information while also engaging students’ natural interest by demonstrating how nutrition relates to their own health and lives.


Building on the First Edition’s well-received and unique applied approach to micronutrients—organizing vitamins and minerals functionally, thus substantially enhancing student retention—the Second Edition adds new learning aids to further help students learn and apply the material. CourseSmart textbooks do not include any media or print supplements that come packaged with the bound book.

Table of Contents

1.  The Role of Nutrition in Our Health

2.  Designing a Healthful Diet

3.  The Human Body: Are We Really What We Eat?

4.  Carbohydrates: Bountiful Sources of Energy and Nutrients

          In-Depth: Alcohol

5.  Lipids: Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrients

6.  Proteins: Crucial Components of All Body Tissues

7.  Metabolism: From Food to Life

         In-Depth: Vitamins & Minerals: Micronutrients with Macro Powers

8. Nutrients Involved in Energy Metabolism

9.  Nutrients Involved in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

10. Nutrients Involved in Antioxidant Function

         In-Depth: Phytochemicals and Functional Foods

11.  Nutrients Involved in Bone Health

12.  Nutrients Involved in Blood Health and Immunity

13.  Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Body Weight

        In-Depth: Disordered Eating

14.  Nutrition and Physical Activity: Keys to Good Health

15.  Food Safety and Technology: Impact on Consumers

16.  Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy and the First Year of Life

17.  Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence

18.  Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: The Later Years

19.  Global Nutrition


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