Scientific Farm Animal Production, Student Value Edition, 10th Edition

By Robert E. Taylor, Thomas G. Field

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2011


Scientific Farm Animal Production: An Introduction to Animal Science, Tenth Edition, offers students a comprehensive, science-based approach to managing livestock for food, fiber, and recreation. This best-selling text examines the biological principles, scientific relationships, and management practices of livestock production, providing students the context and foundation upon which they can determine their academic and career focus. Updated with new figures, color photos, and current demographic data, the tenth edition is the best reference and resource available to teachers and students at the introductory level in animal sciences.

Table of Contents

1. Animal Contribution to Human Needs

2. Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries

3. Red Meat Products

4. Poultry and Egg Products

5. Milk and Milk Products

6. Wool and Mohair

7. By-Products of Meat Animals

8. Market Classes and Grades of Livestock, Poultry, and Eggs

9. Visual Evaluation of Market Animals

10. Reproduction

11. Artificial Insemination, Estrous Synchronization, and Embryo Transfer

12. Genetics

13. Genetic Change through Selection

14. Mating Systems

15. Nutrients and Their Functions

16. Digestion and Absorption of Feed

17. Providing Nutrients for Body Functions

18. Growth and Development

19. Lactation

20. Adaptation to the Environment

21. Animal Health

22. Animal Behavior

23. Issues in Animal Agriculture

24. Beef Cattle Breeds and Breeding

25. Feeding and Managing Beef Cattle

26. Dairy Cattle Breeds and Breeding

27. Feeding and Managing Dairy Cattle

28. Swine Breeds and Breeding

29. Feeding and Managing Swine

30. Sheep and Goat Breeds and Breeding

31. Feeding and Managing Sheep and Goats

32. Horse Breeds and Breeding

33. Feeding and Managing Horses

34. Poultry Breeding, Feeding, and Management

35. Aquaculture




Scientific Farm Animal Production, Student Value Edition, 10th Edition

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