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Search and Seizure Handbook, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By David M. Waksman, Debbie J. Goodman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 2, 2009

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For courses in the Law of Search and Seizure and Basic Criminal Justice.  


Cited by the United States Supreme Court as a valuable training source, this book helps beginning college students and police officers understand key cases and issues of the Fourth Amendment. Its concepts are easy to grasp and its strengths include the simplicity of the legal discussions and the sample search warrants and consent to be searched forms. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience, the handbook provides readers with a basic understanding of the Constitution and the safeguards that law enforcement officers must have to operate successfully within the current criminal justice system.

Table of Contents

I.    Mincey Search Warrants:        Warrants at Crime Scenes and Fires

II.    The Good-Faith Exception:    For Defective Warrants and Affidavits

                                                                   U.S. v. Leon and Mass. v. Sheppard

IIa.                                                             No-Knock Warrants (Hudson v. Mich.)

III.    Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement:

        A.    Search Incident to a Lawful Arrest:    Chimel v. California

                (cell phones and pagers)

        B.    Hot Pursuit of a Fleeing Felon:            Warden v. Hayden

        C.    Imminent Destruction of Evidence:    Schmerber v. California

        D.    The Plain View Doctrine:                    Ker v. California and Coolidge v. Hampshire

        E.    The Automobile Exception:                The Carroll Doctrine

                1)    Cars on the highway

                2)    Cars in police custody

        F.    Inventory Searches:                            South Dakota v. Opperman

        G.    Stop and Frisk:

                1)    People                                           Terry v. Ohio and Wardlow v. Illinois

                2)    Use of handcuffs during stop and frisk

                3)    Cars                                                Michigan v. Long    

                4)    Houses (the Protective Sweep)        Maryland v. Buie

                5)    Public places                                    Ybarra v. Illinois

        H.    Consent Searches:

                1)    People                                                Schneckloth v. Bustamonte

                2)    Joint possession                                Georgia v. Randolph

                3)    On buses                                            U.S. v. Drayton

        I.    Apparent Authority to Consent:       Illinois v. Rodriguez

IV.    Reasonable Expectation of Privacy:                Katz v. U.S.

                1)    People

                2)    In jails/prisons

                3)    In police cars

V.    Probable Cause

        A.    Sufficiency of Seach Warrant Affidavits

        B.    Searches Not Requiring a Warrant

        C.    Legality of Arrest to Support a Subsequent Confession

VI.    The Law of Aspect

        A.    Without a Warrant

        B.    With a Warrant

        C.    Use of Force in Making Arrests            Graham v. Connor

        D.    Investigatory Stops

        E.    Use of the Stun Gun                                Draper v. Reynolds

        F.    The Fleeing Felon                                    Garner v. Tennessee

        G.    The "PIT" and the Car Chase                Scott v. Harris

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