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Secret Kingdom for Educators, The

By Alan Arroyo, Hope Jordan

Published by Pearson Custom Publishing

Published Date: Mar 21, 2011


Educators with a Christian world-view know that when they pray, they can achieve educational results well beyond their expectations. This empowering, Christian faith-based book is written to help all teachers and education leaders exceed their expectations and change lives, using God's laws to deal practically with the problems in today's schools. Whether working in public, private, or home schools, this book shows readers how to tap into the Secret Kingdom and use faith to improve any educational setting.
All of the contributors to this book are faculty members at the Regent University School of Education in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are unified in their core Christian beliefs but offer viewpoints from a diverse array of academic expertise, cultures, experiences, and educational orientations. The Secret Kingdom for Educators is a rich collection of unique perspectives that is sure to illuminate just how powerfully the spiritual realm affects the visible world.

Table of Contents

Part I. The Two Domains


Chapter 1:      The Downturn of American Education

Chapter 2:      Tapping Into the Power of God’s Invisible World

Chapter 3:      The Framework


Part II. Laws of the Secret Kingdom of Educators


Chapter 4:      The Law of Use

Chapter 5:      The Law of Reciprocity

Chapter 6:      The Law of Perseverance

Chapter 7:      The Law of Fidelity

Chapter 8:      The Law of Unity

Chapter 9:      The Law of Change

Chapter 10:    The Law of Greatness

Chapter 11:    The Law of Responsibility

Chapter 12:    The Law of Miracles

Chapter 13:    The Law of Dominion


Part III. How Educators Should Live and Practice


Chapter 14:    Specific Applications for Teachers




Appendix A:   The Beatitude Journey—Personal Applications for Christian Educators

Appendix B:   Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles Inventories

Appendix C:   Understanding Reciprocal Relationships

Appendix D:   Qualities of Industriousness

Appendix E:   A Culture of Unity

Appendix F:   Fidelity Self-Assessment

Appendix G:   Embracing Change Inventory

Appendix H:   Assessment of Caring Teaching Behaviors

Appendix I:    Responsibility for 21st Century Instructional Proficiency

Appendix J:    Innovations for Success

Appendix K:   Moral Authority Case Study

Appendix L:   Post Assessment: Ten Professional Standards for Practicing the Secret Kingdom Principles




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