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Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers (Paperback)

By Max F. Cates

Published by Pearson FT Press

Published Date: Jan 18, 2018


Master today’s breakthrough strategy for developing and sustaining high-performance sales teams! Long-time sales team leader Max Cates shows how to go far beyond "old school," "command and control" sales management, unleashing the full power and energy of your salespeople through a participatory management approach that works. Drawing on 36+ years of sales and sales management experience, Cates presents proven tactics for:

  • Developing your own mental toughness, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and promotability
  • Becoming a true servant leader in sales: providing the right structure, challenges, respect, involvement, and support
  • Hiring more effective and productive salespeople – including expert tips for interviewing, recruiting, reading body language, using data, and choosing amongst candidates
  • Building winning teams that meet sales objectives and delight customers
  • Empowering sales reps and teams in decision-making that increases sales productivity
  • Measuring individual and team performance towards objectives
  • Keeping people on target without micro-managing them
  • Promoting team growth and continual improvement
  • Leveraging Six Sigma and the Deming Cycle to sustain success, morale, and performance
  • And much more

Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers presents proven sales management tactics in a "bulletized" format that’s easy to read – and just as easy to use. Cates combines decades of in-the-trenches experience with cutting-edge research on the latest sales trends and tactics. Whether you’re a working sales manager, VP of sales, account team leader, executive MBA program participant, or aspiring sales manager, this guide will help you build an outstanding team, empower it, and lead it to sustained success.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Chapter 1  First Step: Manage Yourself     9
Chapter 2  Second Step: High-Performance Teams Begin with Hiring     69
Chapter 3  Third Step: Building a Winning Team     121
Chapter 4  Fourth Step: Becoming a Successful Servant Leader     213
Chapter 5  Fifth Step: Sales Empowerment, Beginning with Ownership     229
Chapter 6  Sixth Step: Success Through Performance Measurement     257
Chapter 7  Seventh Step: Continuous Improvement, Maintaining Success     277
Conclusion     289
References     293
Index     303


Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers (Paperback)

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