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Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning - 10 Books

By Jan Chappuis

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 11, 2010

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Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning
By Jan Chappuis


Includes 10 copies of Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning.


This practical new book from Pearson ETS Assessment Training Institute organizes research-based recommendations about classroom assessment practices around three formative assessment questions: “Where am I going?”; “Where am I now?”; and “How can I close the gap?” The framework is sequenced so that you can easily weave assessment for learning practices into daily teaching and assessment activities.


The Seven Strategies are organized around the three big questions:
Where Am I Going?
Strategy 1: Provide a clear and understandable vision of the learning target.
Strategy 2: Use examples and models of strong and weak work.

Where Am I Now?
Strategy 3: Offer regular descriptive feedback.
Strategy 4: Teach students to self-assess and set goals.

How Can I Close the Gap?
Strategy 5: Design lessons to focus on one aspect of quality at a time.
Strategy 6: Teach students focused revision.
Strategy 7: Engage students in self-reflection and let them keep track of and share their learning.





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Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning - 10 Books

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