Sex, Gender, and Kinship: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

By Burton Pasternak, Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 23, 1996

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter contains notes.)

1. Introduction.

2. Sexuality.

Why Is Reproduction Sexual? Sexuality in Primates. Culture Channels Sexuality..

3. Gender, Division of Labor, and Social Behavior.

1. Physical Differences Between Human Females and Males. Division of Labor by Gender. Gender and Personality. On the Status of Women.

4. Marriage and other Mated Relationships.

The Stable Mated Relationship. The Meaning of Marriage. Forms of Marriage: How Many Does One Marry?

5. Marriage and the Incest Taboo.

Forbidden Sex: How Universal the Incest Taboo? Explaining the Incest Taboo.

6.Extension of the Incest Taboo.

Cousin Marriage and the Incest Taboo. Other Marital Shoulds and Shouldn'ts.

7. Getting Married.

Courtship and Mate Selection. Transacting Marriage. Celebrating Marriage.

8. The Marital Relationship.

Sex within Marriage. To Be or Not to Be Close.

9. Divorce and Remarriage.

Divorce. Widows and Widowers.

10. Marital Residence: Who Goes Where, Why, and What Are the Consequences?

Residence, Family, and Kin Groups. Marital Residence and the Place of Women. Determinants of Post-Marital Residence.


Family Extension and Societal Complexity. Variation within Societies. Family and Household. Female-Focused Families. Other Implications of Family Variation.

12. Desent Groups: Kinship Beyond the Family.

Reckoning Descent. Why Do Descent Groups Develop? Descent Group Structures. The Unlikely Chinese Descent Group.

13. Reflections.

 1. The Gender Focus of Social Groups. The Culture of Violence. Societal Complexity and the Transformation of Kinship. Where Will It All End?




Sex, Gender, and Kinship: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

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