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Sheet Metal Drafting Using SolidWorks, CourseSmart eTextbook

By James M. Kirkpatrick

Published by Peachpit Press

Published Date: Jun 8, 2011

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For courses in Basic SolidWorks, Basic Computer-Aided Design, Sheet Metal Design Using SolidWorks.


Sheet Metal Drafting Using SolidWorks® teaches basic drafting techniques and sheet metal drafting using SolidWorks. The text begins with simple solid models and proceeds to complex sheet metal assemblies with drawings, exploded views, parts lists, revisions, and other items related to the field.  The material is presented so that users can learn SolidWorks Sheet Metal and basic drafting techniques by actually using the program in real-world situations. Written specifically for the student version of SolidWorks, this text is ideal for online and lecture courses.

Table of Contents

1. Setting up the First Models, Drawing and Modifying Them Using Drawing Constructions

2. Making a Drawing with Dimensions from the First Model

3. Making More Complex Models and Drawings with Dimensions from those Models

4. Making Extruded and Revolved Features with Extrude Cuts and Assigning Materials to the Models

5. Using Extrude Cut, Hole Simple and Hole Wizard to Make Complex Models and Drawings with Dimensions including Tolerances

6. Sheet Metal Design

7. Sheet Metal Design II and Drawing

8. Making a Front Panel, a Rear Panel, a Chassis and a Cover for a Sheet Metal Assembly and Make Detail Drawings of All Four Parts One of which Will Have a Hole Table

9. Assembly Nut Plates on the Chassis and Front Panel for the Assembly

10. Assemble All of the Components for the Sheet Metal Assembly and Make an Exploded View.

11. Make an Assembly Drawing and a Parts List

12. On Your Own Projects with Detailed Instructions for Making Assemblies, Exploded Views, Assembly Drawings and Parts Lists

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Sheet Metal Drafting Using SolidWorks, CourseSmart eTextbook
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