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Shopper Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Leveraging Marketing Intelligence to Drive Retail Success, Safari

By Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Sep 7, 2010

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Retail marketing is undergoing cataclysmic change, driven by upheavals in media, consumer attitudes, and the retail industry itself. Retailers know they must invest more heavily in marketing, both to build brands and to drive sales. But how? In Shopper Intimacy, two leading experts offer the first comprehensive, research-based guide to building winning retail marketing programs. Drawing on a decade of customer research, the authors introduce:


  • A start-to-finish system for planning and executing effective campaigns.  
  • Powerful new tools for influencing shopper behavior and driving better results.
  • Practical, workable techniques for measuring performance – including a breakthrough approach for measuring ROI from the standpoint of all stakeholders.  
  • Best practices models for integrating internal and syndicated research.
  • Trend analysis to help retailers chart the future trajectory of marketing, and position themselves appropriately.


Shopper Intimacy contains extensive case studies, charts, pictures, and illustrations designed to deepen marketers’ understanding. Above all, it presents practical learnings that cut across all retail segments, with data to support the authors’ conclusions, and techniques for successfully applying them.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1

Chapter 1: REAP (Retail Ecosystem Analytics Process)     7

Chapter 2: Measuring Marketing at Retail in Supermarkets     25

Chapter 3: Measuring Marketing at Retail in Convenience Stores     43

Chapter 4: Measuring Marketing at Retail in Drug Stores     63

Chapter 5: Establishing In-Store Marketing Measures     79

Chapter 6: Capturing Shopping Dynamics in Store     101

Chapter 7: Shopper Models     125

Chapter 8: Decision Drivers     146

Chapter 9: Online Retailing     197

Chapter 10: Measuring Return on Investment     215

Index     235