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Simply Java Programming: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach

By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 7, 2003

Table of Contents

 1. Moving Shapes Application: Introducing Computers, the Internet and Java Programming.

 2. Welcome Application: Introduction to Graphical User Interface Programming.

 3. Designing the Inventory Application: Introducing JTextFields and JButtons.

 4. Completing the Inventory Application: Introducing Programming.

 5. Enhancing the Inventory Application: Introducing Variables, Memory Concepts and Arithmetic.

 6. Wage Calculator Application: Introducing Algorithms, Pseudocode and Program Control.

 7. Dental Payment Application: Introducing JCheckBoxes and Message Dialogs.

 8. Car Payment Calculation Application: Introducing the while Repetition Statement.

 9. Class Average Application: Introducing the do…while Reptition Statement.

10. Interest Calculator Application: Introducing the for Repetition Statement.

11. Security Panel Application: Introducing the switch Multiple-Selection Statement.

12. Enhancing the Wage Calculator Application: Introducing Methods.

13. Enhancing the Interest Calculator Application: Introduction to Event-Handling.

14. Fund Raiser Application: Introducing Scope and Conversions of Primitive Types.

15. Craps Game Application: Introducing Random-Number Generation.

16. Flag Quiz Application: Introducing One-Dimensional Arrays and JComboBoxes.

17. Student Grades Application: Introducing Two-Dimensional Arrays and JRadioButtons.

18. Microwave Oven Application: Building Your Own Classes and Objects.

19. Shipping Hub Application: Introducing ArrayList, Iterators and Mnemonics.

20. Screen Saver Application: Introducing Graphics and Inheritance.

21. “Cat and Mouse” Painter Application: Introducing Interfaces, Mouse Input and a Discussion of Event-Handling.

22. Typing Application: Introducing Keyboard Input and JMenus.

23. Screen Scraping Application: Introducing String Processing.

24. Enhanced Car Payment Calculator Application: Introducing Exception Handling.

25. Ticket Information Application: Introducing Sequential-Access Files.

26. ATM Application: Introducing Database Programming.

27. Drawing Shapes Application: Introduction to Polymorphism and Expanded Discussion of Graphics.

28. Phone Book Application: Introducing Speech Synthesis and javax.speech.

29. Bookstore Application: Web Applications: Introducing Tomcat Server.

30. Bookstore Application: Client Tier: Introducing HTML.

31. Bookstore Application: Information Tier: Examining the Database with CloudView.

32. Bookstore Application: Middle Tier: Introducing Java Server Pages.

Appendix A. Operator Precedence Chart.

Appendix B. ASCII Character Set with a Discussion of Unicode®.

Appendix C. GUI Design Guidelines.

Appendix D. Java Components.

Appendix E. Java Library Reference.

Appendix F. Keyword Chart.

Appendix G. Tomcat Setup and Cloudscape Setup Instructions.

Appendix H. Introducing Packages and Using Javadoc

Appendix I. Troubleshooting in Java

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Simply Java Programming: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach

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