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The Skilled Reader, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By D. J. Henry

Published by Longman

Published Date: Jan 23, 2013


How do you engage students with reading? Read materials chosen by students that focus on the issues in popular culture that interest them most.


The Skilled Reader: Alternate Readings Edition combines high interest readings, solid skill instruction, and a wealth of guided practice to develop the quintessential abilities students need to become effective readers and critical thinkers. In this Alternate Readings Edition, the instruction, exercises, and apparatus of the third edition remain intact, while the readings in Part II have been replaced by new student-selected readings that focus on important issues in popular culture. The new readings are paired to encourage class discussion and deeper engagement with the issues. Instructors using the third edition can transition to the Alternate Readings Edition seamlessly, all the while providing readings that are timely and fresh to their students.

Table of Contents





1. A Reading System for Skilled Readers

Prior Knowledge.

The Reading Process.

Textbook Skills: Before, During, and After Reading—Asking Questions and Recording Answers.


2. Vocabulary in Context.

The Importance of Words.

Context Clues: A SAGE Approach.

Textbook Skills: Visual Vocabulary.


3. Vocabulary-Building Skills.

Word Parts.

Additional Word Parts.

The Dictionary.

Textbook Skills: Textbook Aids for Learning Content Words.


4. Topics and Main Ideas.


Main Ideas.

Supporting Details.

Textbook Skills: Topics in Headings.


5. Locating Stated Main Ideas.

The Flow of Ideas and Placement of Topic Sentences.

Textbook Skills: The Central Point and the Thesis Statement.


6. Implied Main Ideas.

An Introduction to Implied Main Ideas

Studying Supporting Details to Identify the State and Topic

Using Topics, Supporting Details, and Thought Patterns to Determine the Implied Main Idea.

Annotating the Paragraph to Determine the Implied Main Idea.

Creating a One-Sentence Summary from Supporting Details.

Textbook Skills: Pictures as Details.


7. Supporting Details, Outlines, and Concept Maps.

Questions for Locating Supporting Details.

Major and Minor Details.

Textbook Skills: Ideas from General to Specific: Creating a Summary.


8. Outlines and Concept Maps.


Concept Maps.

Textbooks Skills: The Table of Contents in a Textbook.


9. Transitions and Thought Patterns.

The Purpose of Transitions and Thought Patterns.

Transition Words: Relationships Within a Sentence.

Thought Patterns: Relationships Between Sentences.

Textbook Skills: Transitions and Clear Information.


10. More Thought Patterns.

Comparison and Contrast Patterns.

Cause and Effect Pattern.

The Generalization-and-Example. Pattern.

Textbook Skills: The Definition Pattern.

Final Note: Though Patterns and Textbooks.


11. Inferences.

Inferences: Educated Guesses.

What is a Valid Inference?

Making VALID Inferences and Avoiding Invalid Conclusions.

Thinking Through an Inference and Drawing Conclusions.

Textbook Skills: Inferences and Photos.



Social Media

Generation FB

Katrin Bennhold


Fugitives Who Love Facebook

Winston Ross


Work in the 21st Century

Somebody’s Gotta Get Hired, Right? 6 Tips to Help New Grads Land Jobs 

Dan Schawbel


Are Jobs Obsolete? 

Douglas Rushkoff


The Economy

The Invisible Rich 

Knight Kiplinger


Average Is Over 

Thomas Freidman



Junior Seau, Dead at 43

Josh Levin


Exit Sandman 

Brian Palmer 


The Obesity Crisis

Supersize It

James Verini


America’s Hatred of Fat Hurts Obesity Fight

Sharon Begley




Chapter Review Cards.



Appendix A: ESL Reading Tips.

Appendix B: Reading Graphics.

Appendix C: Word Parts.

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