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Skills for Success with Microsoft Access 2010 Comprehensive, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Kris Townsend, Darren R. Hayes

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 9, 2011

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Skills for Success is the Microsoft Office 2010 textbook that recognizes how students learn today!

Table of Contents


Skills for Success with Access 2010 Comprehensive
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Work with Databases and Create Tables

Skill 1 Open and Organize Existing Databases

Skill 2 Enter and Edit Table Data

Skill 3 Create Forms and Enter Data

Skill 4 Filter Data in Queries

Skill 5 Create, Preview and Print Reports

Skill 6 Create Databases and Tables

Skill 7 Change Data Types and Other Field Properties

Skill 8 Create Tables in Design View

Skill 9 Relate Tables

Skill 10 Enter Data in Related Tables

More Skills 11 Compact and Repair Databases

More Skills 12 Import Data from Excel

More Skills 13 Work with the Attachment Data Type

More Skills 14 Work with the Hyperlink and Yes/No Data Types


Chapter 2 Manage Datasheets and Create Queries

Skill 1     Find and Replace Data

Skill 2     Filter and Sort Datasheets

Skill 3     Use the Simple Query Wizard

Skill 4     Format Datasheets

Skill 5     Add Date and Time Criteria

Skill 6     Create Queries in Design View

Skill 7     Add Calculated Fields to Queries

Skill 8     Work with Logical Criteria

Skill 9     Add Wildcards to Query Criteria

Skill 10   Group and Total Queries

More Skills 11    Export Queries to Other File Formats

More Skills 12    Find Duplicate Records

More Skills 13    Find Unmatched Records

More Skills 14    Create Crosstab Queries


Chapter 3 Create Forms

Skill 1     Use the Form Wizard

Skill 2     Format Forms in Layout View

Skill 3     Use Forms to Modify Data

Skill 4     Use the Blank Form Tool

Skill 5     Customize Form Layouts

Skill 6     Add Input Masks

Skill 7     Apply Conditional Formatting

Skill 8     Create One-to-Many Forms

Skill 9     Enter Data in One-to-Many Forms

Skill 10   Create Forms from Queries

More Skills 11    Validate Fields

More Skills 12    Add Combo Boxes to Forms

More Skills 13    Create Multiple Item Forms

More Skills 14    Create Macros


Chapter 4 Create Reports

Skill 1     Create and Apply Themes

Skill 2     Modify Report Layouts

Skill 3     Prepare Reports for Printing

Skill 4     Use the Blank Report Tool

Skill 5     Group and Sort Reports

Skill 6     Format and Filter Reports

Skill 7     Create Labels Reports

Skill 8     Use the Report Wizard

Skill 9     Modify Layouts in Design View

Skill 10   Add Totals and Labels to Reports

More Skills 11    Export Reports to Word

More Skills 12    Export Reports as HTML Documents

More Skills 13    Create Parameter Queries

More Skills 14    Create Reports for Parameter Queries


Chapter 5: Add Advanced Report Features

Skill 1     Format Reports in Design View

Skill 2     Format Page Numbers and Date Controls

Skill 3     Create a Query within a Report

Skill 4     Concatenate Fields in a Query

Skill 5     Hide Repeated Values

Skill 6     Create a Subreport Using a Wizard

Skill 7     Create a Subreport Using the Drag and Drop Method

Skill 8     Format a Subreport in its Own Window

Skill 9     Create a Pie Chart

Skill 10 Format the Chart Legend and Plot Area

More Skills 11 Format and Position Report Controls

More Skills 12 Insert a Hyperlink Control in a Report

More Skills 13 Specify Relationship Join Types

More Skills 14 Add ActiveX Controls to Reports


Chapter 6: Add Advanced Form Features

Skill 1     Create Forms in Design View

Skill 2     Position Controls in Forms

Skill 3     Use Lookup Fields in Forms

Skill 4     Create Pop Up Forms

Skill 5     Add Button Controls to Forms

Skill 6     Create PivotChart Forms

Skill 7     Create PivotTable Forms

Skill 8     Create Navigation Forms

Skill 9     Modify Navigation Forms

Skill 10 Add Pages to Navigation Forms

More Skills 11 Add Option Groups to Forms

More Skills 12 Create Switchboards

More Skills 13 Apply Special Effects to Form Controls

More Skills 14 Position and Size Controls in Design Views


Chapter 7: Customize Tables and Create Macros

Skill 1     Analyze Tables to Improve Performance Create Tables in Design View

Skill 2     Adapt Tables Created by the Table Analyzer

Skill 3     Create Indexes and Establish One-to-One Relationships

Skill 4     Format Field Properties

Skill 5     Work with the Date Data Type

Skill 6     Create Tables Using Queries

Skill 7     Format Table Datasheets

Skill 8     Create Tables from Application Parts

Skill 9     Work with Table Events

Skill 10 Work with Calculated Fields

More Skills 11 Create New Field Data Types

More Skills 12 Create Input Masks

More Skills 13 Insert Quick Start Fields

More Skills 14 Check for Spelling Errors


Chapter 8: Integrate Data with other Applications

Skill 1     Import Data from Text Files

Skill 2     Export Data to Excel

Skill 3     Link to External Data Sources

Skill 4     Prepare Worksheet Data for Importing in Access

Skill 5     Import Data from Excel

Skill 6     Export Tables into Word

Skill 7     Import XML Data

Skill 8     Export XML Data

Skill 9     Export Data to HTML Documents

Skill 10 Merge Data into Word Documents

More Skills 11 Save Tables as PDF Documents

More Skills 12 Save Export Steps

More Skills 13 Import Objects from External Databases

More Skills 14 Update a Database through E-mail


Chapter 9: Build Macros and Write VBA Procedures

Skill 1     Build and Test Client Macros

Skill 2     Add Comments and Reorder Macro Actions

Skill 3     Add Conditions to Macros

Skill 4     Test Macros with Conditions

Skill 5     Add Command Buttons that Run Macros

Skill 6     Add Quick Access Toolbar Buttons and Convert Macros to VBA

Skill 7     Create VBA Procedures

Skill 8     Write and Debug VBA Code

Skill 9     Write VBA Statements and Work with Variables

Skill 10 Add Conditions to VBA Procedures

More Skills 11 Build Macros that Send Reports via E-Mail

More Skills 12 Build Macros to Navigate Forms

More Skills 13 Run a Macro on Startup

More Skills 14 Write Macros to Create Custom Menus


Chapter 10: Administer Databases and Work with SQL

Skill 1 Customize the Navigation Pane

Skill 2 Modify Queries in SQL View

Skill 3 Secure and Encrypt Databases

Skill 4 Change User Account Settings

Skill 5 Create Group and User Accounts

Skill 6 Secure User Accounts

Skill 7 Edit and Test Permissions

Skill 8 Replicate Databases

Skill 9 Synchronize Replicated Databases

Skill 10 Copy and Reset Access Security Settings

More Skills 11 Split Databases

More Skills 12 Add Smart Tags

More Skills 13 Document Databases

More Skills 14 Use the Security Wizard


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