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Skills in Clinical Nursing, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Audrey T Berman, Shirlee Snyder

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 18, 2011

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Intended as a primary textbook for nursing education programs and as a reference for practicing nurses.


Completely revised and updated to reflect significant changes in practice Skills in Clinical Nursing 7e, provides current information in a clear, concise format and continues to be a definitive source for clinical nursing skills. Progressing from the simple to the complex, each chapter places techniques in perspective to client anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Applying the nursing process to each technique, it illustrates a detailed step-by-step implementation while providing a thorough overview of the rationale and purpose.

Table of Contents

Unit 1    Introduction 

Chapter 1    Foundational Skills                           


Unit 2    Health Assessment  

Chapter 2    Vital Signs                                                                         

Chapter 3    Health Assessment                             

Chapter 4    Diagnostic Testing                                                                 


Unit 3    Assisting with Client Hygiene and Comfort  

Chapter 5    Client Hygiene                                   

Chapter 6    Bed-Making                                                               

Chapter 7    Infection Control                                                       

Chapter 8    Heat and Cold Therapy                                             

Chapter 9    Pain Management                 


Unit 4    Mobility and Safety 

Chapter 10 Positioning the Client                                                                 

Chapter 11      Mobilizing the Client                                                                         

Chapter 12      Fall Prevention and Restraints                                   

Chapter 13 Maintaining Joint Mobility                                                                                              


Unit 5    Medication Administration 

Chapter 14    Drug Calculations 

Chapter 15    Administering Oral and Enteral Medications            

Chapter 16    Administering Topical Medications                           

Chapter 17    Administering Parenteral Medications                      

Chapter 18    Administering Intravenous Therapy                                                 


Unit 6    Nutrition and Elimination

Chapter 19    Feeding Clients                                                            

Chapter 20    Assisting with Urinary Elimination                           

Chapter 21    Assisting with Fecal Elimination                               

Chapter 22    Caring for Clients with Peritoneal Dialysis     


Unit 7    Circulatory and Ventilatory Support

Chapter 23    Promoting Circulation                                                

Chapter 24    Breathing Exercises        

Chapter 25    Oxygen Therapy                                                        

Chapter 26    Suctioning                                                                  

Chapter 27    Caring for the Client with a Tracheostomy               

Chapter 28     Assisting with Mechanical Ventilation

Chapter 29    Caring for the Client with Chest Tube Drainage       

Chapter 30    Administering Emergency Measures to the Hospitalized Client


Unit 8    Wounds and Injury Care

Chapter 31    Performing Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care             

Chapter 32    Orthopedic Care                                            

Chapter 33    Performing Perioperative Care                                   

Chapter 34    End-of-Life Care

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