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Social Circles: How offline relationships influence online behavior and what it means for design and marketing

By Paul Adams

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Dec 9, 2010


Businesses are starting to operate in the world of the social web, but most have a very poor understanding of social interaction, and its huge impact on how successful their endeavors will be. It is much more complicated than just business blogs or official company Twitter accounts. Most of people's interactions with each other and with brands happen offline, away from computers, and often away from mobile phones. What people do offline has a huge impact on what they do online. Social Circles, by lead researcher for social media Paul Adams, is about helping business understand this offline/online relationship.

Research has shown time and again how people have multiple independent circles of friends, all of whom they trust in different ways, and all of whom wield varying degrees of influence. People are using social networks to interact with people they already know offline, and not to make new connections with people they don’t know. They are recreating their offline social circles online. Understanding these social circles is the key to successful behavioral advertising.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Why we need this book   
Social technology doesn't change many things
Social technology is changing many things
Social technology is not the point
The shift towards a social web
How marketing and branding is changing
How customer service is changing

2. The Real Life Social Network   
Online and Offline behavior
Calculating how we are connected  
The structure of our network
           Small world networks
           Controlling our network
Global connections
Relationship Ties   
Strong Ties
Weak Ties
Temporary Ties
How our ties change over time
Communication tools
Mapping the social graph

3. Influence  
How people make decisions   
How people influence each other   
How to identify the most influential people in a group
How to calculate influence

4. Identity
Identity will be a defining theme of the web in the next few years
Social Status
Multiple Identities
Socially Constructed Identities

5. Privacy and Trust   

6. The Business of the Social Web
Changing business
How customers talk to each other
How customers talk to business
How business talks to customers   
Why we buy

7. Understanding your customers
Forget focus groups
Using social media to do research
Building better products

8. Conclusion


Social Circles: How offline relationships influence online behavior and what it means for design and marketing

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