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SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate, Safari

By Joel Postman

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Dec 8, 2008

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This book will help companies of all sizes develop and implement a strategy to become a SocialCorp, a company that has adopted social media intelligently and effectively, in a way that does not compromise the company's primary obligations as a corporation. While the conversational and engagement values of social media are well understood, many social media theorists often overlook the realities faced by the large corporation, like accountability to shareholders and regulators, and how these factors cannot be overlooked in corporate social media adoption. Using case studies and analysis of available social media tools, and proven corporate social media strategies, the book will help corporate communicators understand the new communications landscape, the power of social media, and how to adopt it intelligently in a corporate environment.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ch 1     What is a SocialCorp /Benefits
Ch 2     What does it take to become a SocialCorp
Ch 3     Social Media and Web 2.0
Ch 4     No Brand Surrender
Ch 5     Reaching the Right People
Ch 6     Overcoming Risk
Ch 7     Measurable Value
Ch 8     SocialCorp 2.0 (the future)


SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate, Safari

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