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Sociological Perspective of Sport, A, 5th Edition

By Wilbert M. Leonard

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 18, 1998

Table of Contents

1.Introduction to the Sociology of Sport.

Some Brief Observations of the Social Significance of Sport.

Sport as a Concept.

Sport in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Sociological Theories of the Relationship Between Sport and Society.

2.A Brief History of American Sport.

1600 - 1700.

1700 - 1800.

1800 - 1850.

1850 - 1918.

1919 - Present.

Characteristics of Modern Sport.

How Sociological Theories Explain the Rise of Sport.

Industrialization, Urbanization, and Mass Communication.

A Brief Chronology of Sport Sociology.

3.Sport and Culture.


Culture and Values.

Values in American Society.

Values in Sport.

Cross Cultural Differences: Sport as a Mirror of Dominant Societal Values.

Sport Heroes Reflect Dominant Cultural Values.

Immortality via Sport.

4.Sport and Social Organization.

Levels of Social Organization: Interpersonal, Group, and Societal.

Sport Organizations as Associations.

Sport as a Social Institution.

Key Sociological Concepts for Understanding the Social Organization of Sport.

The Professional Athlete.

5.Sport and Socialization.

Socialization into Sport.

Socialization via Sport.

Organized Youth Sport Programs.

6.Sport and Social Deviance.

Structural Sources of Sport Deviance.

The Relativity of Social Deviance.

Eufunctions and Dysfunction's of Sport Deviance.

Theories of Social Deviance.

A Sociological Theory of Social Deviance: Anomie Theory.

Drugs in Sport.

Crime and the Athlete.

Domestic Violence Perpetuated by Athletes

Violence in Sports.

7.Sport and Social Stratification.

Characteristics of Social Stratification.

Sport Stratification Is Social.

Sport Stratification Is Ancient.

Sport Stratification Is Ubiquitous.

Social Stratification Is Diverse.

Sport as a Social Mobility Mechanism.

Disengagement from Sport.

Social Stratification Has Sport Consequences.

Favorite Sports by Social Class.

Attendance at and Participation in Various Sporting Activities.

The Fitness Revolution: Some Sociological Observations.

Sportsfan Index.

Life Chances.

8.Sport and Race/Ethnicity

The Meaning of Race.

A Brief History of African-Americans in Professional and Amateur Sport.

Statistical Trends Documenting African-Americans' Involvement in Sport.

Discrimination in Sport.

Performance Differentials.

Rewards and Authority Structures.

9.Sport and Gender.

The Social Organization of Gender in Society.

The Dynamic Relationship Between Sport and Gender.

Current Issues and Trends.

10.Sport and Education.

College Athletics.

Some Academic Considerations.

Organizational Deviance.

Reforming the College System.

Interscholastic Athletics.

11.Sport and Economics.

Emergence of Corporate Sport.

The Professional Sports Owner.

The Size and Profitability of the Professional Sport Industry: Determinants and Mechanisms.

The Financing of Sport Facilities.

The Costs of Ownership.

Sport as a Monopoly.

12.Sport and Politics.

The Olympics as a Case Study in Power Politics.

Politics at the State, National, and International Levels.

13.Sport and Religion.

Defining Religion.

Functions of Religion.

Characteristics of Institutionalized Religion.

Connections Between Religion and Sport.

Sport as Civil Religion.

Uses of Religious Practices in the World of Sport.

14.Sport and the Mass Media.

Popular Culture and Sport.

Functions of Media Sport and Theories of the Media's Influence.

The Print Media.

The Electronic Media: Broadcasting.

The Electronic Media: Television.

How Television Has Affected Sport.

The Economic Impact of Television and Sports.

Some Consequences of Television Sport Coverage.

Recent Television Sport Coverage.

Television Sportscasters and Sports Journalism.

The Future of Television and Sports.

15.Sport, Collective Behavior, and Social Change.

A Case Study of Collective Behavior in Sport.

Theories of Crowd Behavior.

Theories Explaining Sport Spectator Violence.

A Theory of Collective Behavior.

Social Movements in Sport.

More Recent Social Movements in Sport..


Social Change.

Two Futuristic Sport Scenarios.

Department of Sports?

Author Index.

Subject Index.


Sociological Perspective of Sport, A, 5th Edition

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