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Sociology of Religion: A Reader, 2nd Edition

By Susanne C. Monahan, William A. Mirola, Michael O. Emerson

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Sep 20, 2010


A reader that seeks to explore the relationship between the structure and culture of religion and various elements of social life in the U.S., Sociology of Religion: A Reader, 2e is ideal as either a standalone reader or supplement to the text written by the same author team, Why Religion Matters. Based on both classic and contemporary research in the sociology of religion, this reader highlights a variety of research methods and theoretical approaches. It explores the ways in which religious values, beliefs and practices shape the world outside of church, synagogue, or mosque walls while simultaneously being shaped by the non-religious forces operating in that world.

Table of Contents

Section I: Definitions of Religion

Section II: Religious Belief, Ritual and Experience

Section III: Immigration, Race and Religion

Section IV: Gender and Religion

Section V: Social Class and Religion

Section VI: Sexual Identity and religion

Section VII: The Secularization Debate

Section VIII: Religious Authority and Institutions

Section IX: New Religious Movements

Section X: Religion, Politics and Social Change

Section XI: Religious Violence

Section XII: Religion in a Globalized World


Sociology of Religion: A Reader, 2nd Edition

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