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Space-Time Wireless Channels

By Gregory D. Durgin

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 3, 2002

Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

Perspectives in Propagation. The Case for Space. Trends in Wireless Communications. About This Book.

2. Signal Transmission.

Baseband Representation. Channel Coherence. Using the Complete Baseband Channel. Chapter Summary.

3 Random Fading Channels.

Channel Correlation. Power Spectral Density (PSD). Joint Statistics. Width of the PSD. Chapter Summary.

4. Physics Of Small-Scale Fading.

Plane Wave Representation. The Local Area. Wave Groupings for Multipath Components. The SLAC Model. Chapter Summary.

5. First-Order Channel Statistics.

Mean Received Power. Envelope Probability Density Functions. Closed-Form PDF Solutions. Two-Wave with Diffuse Power PDF. Chapter Summary. Envelope Characteristic Functions.

6. The Angle Spectrum.

Vector and Scalar Space. Angle Spectrum Concepts. Multipath Shape Factors. Illustrative Examples. Chapter Summary.

7. Second-Order Channel Statistics.

The Level-Crossing Problem. Envelope Unit Autocovariance. Classical Spatial Channel Models. Properties of Wideband Channels. Chapter Summary. Approximate Spatial Autocovariance. Classical Envelope Autocovariance. Rician Mean Approximation.

8. Diversity.

Diversity Concept. Combining Techniques. BER and Capacity. Chapter Summary.

9. Mimo Channels.

Conventional Multiple Antenna Systems. Separating Channels in Multipath. Practical MIMO Signaling. Space-Time Block Coding. Chapter Summary.

10. Array Design In Multipath.

Rules of Spatial Decorrelation. Modeling Double Spatial Dependencies. Example System. Peer-to-Peer Space-Time Measurements. Chapter Summary. Description of Measured Parameters.

Appendix A. Special Functions.

Singularity Functions. Sinc Function. Gamma Function. Bessel Functions. Complete Elliptic Integral Functions. Q-function.

Appendix B. Fourier Analysis.

Basic Fourier Transform Definitions. Time-Doppler Transforms. Frequency-Delay Transforms. Space-Wavenumber Transforms. Trigonometric Relationships.

Appendix C. Random Process Theory.

Definitions. Probability Density Functions. Functions of Random Variables.

Appendix D. Glossary.

Mathematical Symbols and Conventions. Acronym List.




Space-Time Wireless Channels

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