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Special Education for Today's Teachers: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

By Michael S. Rosenberg, David L. Westling, James L. McLeskey

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 3, 2010


Are you prepared to serve and teach all students? The second edition of Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An Introduction not only will provide a solid foundation for being a teacher in today’s classroom, but also will help you to truthfully answer this question. The challenges we face today in special education require highly qualified, reflective practitioners who use research-based strategies in the classroom and who are excited about the success and future of students. This book will help prepare you to meet these requirements and find the solutions that will lead you to that success.

Table of Contents

Part I: Becoming a Professional


Chapter 1: Teaching Students with Special Needs: Professional Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 2: Special Education Today: An Unfinished History


Part II: Teaching Effectively in the Classroom: What Can You Expect?


Chapter 3: Accepting Responsibility for the Learning of All Students

Chapter4: Identification and Planning for Students with Special Needs

Chapter 5: Effective Instruction in a Well-Managed Classroom


Part III: Meeting the Multiple Needs of Students with Exceptionalities: What is Effective Practice?


Chapter 6: Learning Disabilities

Chapter 7: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Chapter 8: Intellectual Disabilities

Chapter 9: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Chapter 10: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chapter 11: Communication Disorders

Chapter 12: Severe and Multiple Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury

Chapter 13: Sensory Impairments

Chapter 14: Physical Disabilities and Other Health Impairments

Chapter 15: Academically Gifted and Talented


Part IV: A Successful Career: Growing in Your Profession


Chapter 16: Continuing a Successful Career: Professionalism, Collaborative Support, and Professional Development



Additional Course Materials

What Every Student Should Know About Study Skills

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Special Education for Today's Teachers: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

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