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SPSS QuickStarts, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Neil J. Salkind, Samuel Green

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 20, 2010

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SPSS QuickStart  is a guide to the skills that behavioral and social science researchers, educational and business analysts, and others use to conduct statistical analyses. It focuses on the SPSS procedures and techniques that these individuals are likely to apply to analyze their data.

Table of Contents

How To Use This Book


Part I:SPSS/PASW Basics


QuickStart 1 Starting SPSS/PASW 

QuickStart 2 SPSS/PASW  Main Menu and Toolbars 

QuickStart 3 Using SPSS/PASW Help 


Part II: Creating an SPSS/PASW Data File


QuickStart 4 Opening and Saving an SPSS/PASW Data File

QuickStart 5 Defining Variable Properties 

QuickStart 6 Entering and Editing Data

QuickStart 7 Inserting and Deleting Cases and Variables 

QuickStart 8 Selecting Parts of a Data Set for Deleting or Pasting

QuickStart 9 Printing an SPSS/PASW Data File and Exiting SPSS/PASW


Part III: Working with an SPSS/PASW Data File


QuickStart 10 Importing and Exporting Data

QuickStart 11 Finding Values, Variables, and Cases 

QuickStart 12 Transforming Data—Recoding, Computing, and Ranking Cases

QuickStart 13 Selecting and Splitting files

QuickStart 14 Sorting Cases and Merging Files


Part IV: Creating and Editing SPSS/PASW Graphs and Tables


QuickStart 15 Creating  Graphs

QuickStart 16 Modifying Graphs 

QuickStart 17 Creating Tables

QuickStart 18 Using Viewer


Part V: Descriptive Statistics


QuickStart 19 Descriptive Statistics for Qualitative Variables 

QuickStart 20 Descriptive Statistics for Quantitative Variables   


Part VI: Evaluating Means


QuickStart 21 One-Sample t Test   

QuickStart 22 Paired-Samples t Test   

QuickStart 23 Independent-Samples t Test   

QuickStart 24 One-Way Analysis of Variance 

QuickStart 25 One-Way Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance 

QuickStart 26 Two-Way Analysis of Variance


 Part VII: Correlation and Regression


QuickStart 27 Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient   

QuickStart 28 Partial Correlation   

QuickStart 29 Bivariate Linear Regression   

QuickStart 30 Multiple Linear Regression 


 Part VIII: Discriminant, Factor and Reliability Analysis


QuickStart 31 Discriminant Analysis   

QuickStart 32 Factor Analysis

QuickStart 33 Internal Consistency Estimates of Reliability 


 Part IX: Nonparametric Statistics


QuickStart 34 Binomial Test

QuickStart 35 One Sample Chi-Square Goodness of Fit

QuickStart 36 Mann Whitney U Test for Two Independent Samples

QuickStart 37  Wilcoxon Test for Two Related Samples


Appendix 1 - Creating APA Format Charts


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