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Statistical Concepts for Criminal Justice and Criminology, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Frank P. Williams, III

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Apr 24, 2008

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For criminology and criminal justice undergraduate statistics courses.


This book is concept-based and focuses on the building blocks of statistical ideas. Covering the essential techniques–univariate tools, Chi-square, t-test, analysis of variance, and Pearson’s r–in a simple conversational style, the text explains the concepts behind each technique and how results are interpreted. Its emphasis is on understanding over mathematical calculations, and its goal is to give students a grasp of the role of variance and error. A chapter on graphical statistics complements the normal quantitative approaches and each technique is set in the context of how it is used to answer research questions.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Foundations of Statistics

I. Introduction to Statistics

II. Levels of Measurement


Section 2. Describing Single Variables

III. Describing Variables: Graphical Statistics

IV. Describing Variables: Measures of Central Tendency

V. Describing Variables: Measures of Dispersion

VI. Describing Variables: Curves and Distributions

VII. Describing Variables: Frequency Distributions


Section 3. Testing for Bivariate Relationships

VIII. Elementary Relationships: Crosstabulation Tables

IX. Hypotheses and Sampling Distributions

X. Statistical Significance

XI. Testing for Significance: The Chi-Square Test

XII. Testing for Significance in Two Groups: The T-Test

XIII. Testing for Significance in Multiple Groups: The Analysis of Variance


Section 4. Determining the Strength of Relationships

XIV. The Concept of Association

XV. Testing for Association: Phi

XVI. Testing for Association: Pearson’s R and Regression

XVII. Doing Real Research: Elementary Multivariate Relationships



A. Box Plots

B. Determining normality: Skewness and Kurtosis

C. Ordinal Level Tests of Significance: The Mann-Whitney U-Test and the Kruskal-Wallis Analysis of Variance

D. Choosing a Multiple Comparison Test

E. Nominal Level Tests of Association: Lambda and the Uncertainty Coefficient

F. Ordinal Level Tests of Association: Gamma and Somer’s D

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