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Statistics for Criminal Justice and Criminology, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Dean J. Champion, Richard D. Hartley

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 8, 2009

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For courses in Introduction to Statistics for Criminal Justice and Criminology. Also appropriate for general social science statistics.  

 Using a non-technical approach, this book covers the full range of statistics topics–from descriptive statistical techniques to tests of significance and measures of association for two-  and k- variable combinations for different measurement levels, multiple regression and multivariate analysis, collinearity, ordinary least squares regression, part and partial correlation, error, parsimony, and robustness.  Chapters are filled with examples and illustrations from contemporary criminal justice and criminology literature with an emphasis on how statistics fits into the research process and how causality is established. This edition devotes a full chapter to SPSS, includes interpretive statistical tables with explanatory headnotes and footnotes, and offers step-by-step formulae to heighten the meaningfulness of statistics for criminal justice and social science majors.

Table of Contents

1.      Statistics in the Research Process

2.      Using SPSS in Social Research

3.      Graphic Presentation and Frequency Distributions

4.      Measures of Central Tendency

5.      Measures of Variability

6.      The Unit Normal Distribution and Standard Scores

7.      Statistical Inference and Tests of Significance

8.      Interval-Level Tests of Significance

9.      Nominal-Level Nonparametric Tests of Significance

10.  Ordinal- and Interval-Level Nonparametric Tests of Significance

11.  Measures of Association I: Nominal- and Ordinal Levels of Measurement

12.  Measures of Association II: Interval-Level and Alternative Level-of-Measurement Procedures

13.  An Introduction to Multivariate Statistics

14.  Multivariate Statistics: Multiple Regression

15.  Multivariate statistics: Multiple Regression with Limited Dependent Variables







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Statistics for Criminal Justice and Criminology, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition
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